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  1. Hi, I have been struggling to speak Spanish fluently over the years even though I take classes and have family members who speak Spanish fluently. I will soon be taking a trip to Mexico soon so I want to know how long I would have by then to learn how to speak Spanish more better. Thanks!
  2. To me language is beautiful. I love hearing Latin, Spanish, French, and Italian. Their language has an aspect that seems romantic which is what makes it seem beautiful. Language also intrigues me because it introduces you to a variety of cultures but many people don't notice that. It's also good to learn different languages because you basically carry on the tradition of that culture. It's sad to know that there are languages that disappear from earth and it is something that can never be recovered which is why its very important and invaluable.
  3. Google translate can come in handy at times but it is definitely not a dependable translation site. Yes it may translate the words correctly but it usually comes out incorrect when translating a sentence or paragraph. Many languages have a different sentence structure which is what Google Translate lacks in translating correctly. Overall it does a pretty good job in translating a few simple words.
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