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  1. Yes. Nothing in this world is "free", lol.
  2. While my native language is English, and I have learned both Spanish and American Sign, I just can NOT grasp German. Has anyone else had a problem like this?
  3. I started learning ASL in High School because I thought it would be more stand-out than Spanish or French. I have continued it, especially through the form of lip reading, but I have recently decided to take 1 on 1 classes.
  4. When I learned Spanish, self learning with Rosetta was not too difficult. However, it is VERY hard to learn sign language. It is a very involved language, requiring not only hand movements (words), but also facial expressions (displaying tone or to curb meaning).
  5. To me, it is fascinating that the language we use helps to define the color pallet of our view of the world. Why do you study languages?
  6. I am studying ASL, but I did not see it listed anywhere!
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