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  1. Que dicen, los españoles (o hispano-hablantes) hablan bién otras lenguas o tienen más dificuldades en aprenderlas?
  2. Dora, donde esta viviendo tu amigo es España? Quizas lo puedas visitar alla, lo clima es muy bueno y el sur es muy bonito, a mi mes gusta mucho.
  3. Soda Stereo es una banda rock de Argentina? Voy a investigarla, gracias, no conozco ninguna banda rock en español por lo que vay a ser una experiencia diferente.
  4. Los paises que más me atraen son Cuba, Mexico, Argentina e Brazil. Quizas Chile también. Los primeiros por las playas e lo clima, Chile me gustaria visitarlo de arriba hacia abajo, deverá ser un viaje fascinante!
  5. From a historical point of view it might be interesting, but from a practical point of view, it's really good for nothing I think. My mother learned Latin in the university along with Portuguese, English and German. Guess what, Latin was good for nothing to her, she never got to use it.
  6. The are a lot of different words from US and UK English, but I think cancelled is the correct word, at least I've never seen canceled written anywhere. Probably that isn't wrong either?
  7. I don't know, probably for a girl I think penguin is cure and for a boy possibly tiger. I don't know if this has some sort of negative connotation though. :grin:
  8. LOL, I find these pretty insulting to be honest, but sometimes it's not the word itself, but the tone in which the person refers to me or other person, sometimes that is even more insulting.
  9. I don't know if Americans are shallow-minded, but I do think they are close minded, many of them think the world is confined to the US and that is not the case.
  10. Learning with children's books is a great option because they language is very simple and the structure too. You can browse the net for very simple texts, they will help you a lot.
  11. This would be a waste of resources no doubt, being able to organize such a trip and then students don't take advantage of it. Can you please share the location of the field trip and why didn't the interaction in the goal language happened?
  12. So in this case you mention what's the outcome, is Algerian a language or do they speak a dialect from French or Arabic?
  13. Yep broknk, it's just a joke, in the title could well appear Chinese because for most of us there is not a big difference between Chinese and Japanese.
  14. What is your region Lin? :grin: I've never heard nothing of what you describe, could you please provide more information? The concept "dumb" is also pretty vague...
  15. I am not sure if I have seen this posted here on our forum, maybe if was just on my FB page, either cases it's funny lol. Katoteshiku just for the record! :wacky:
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