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  1. Thanks everybody for your answers. It really helped me on my english improvement plan. I aim at improvement on almost everything I do in life and my english skills are one of those things.
  2. Oh my god, really? I -love- that book. I did read it during my school times as I was actually told to do it by the teacher and we had to write a resume, etcetera and honestly, it's an amazing story and an amazing book to read overall. Not bored at all. I also enjoyed "Ulisses" by Maria Alberta Menéres and huh, other two books I cannot remember the name. One is about a man that gets lost and tells everybody in the island that his name is "no-one". The other is about a man that his boat sinks/gets stuck in an island and him and his dog get to meet a tribe guy and call him friday. Really amazing books, I wish I could remember their names.
  3. Mas ja viste a chatisse que é estar sempre a trocar a toda a hora? Eu faço a maior parte das coisas na internet em inglês, por isso é realmente inervante estar sempre a fazer alt+shift para mudar.
  4. I'm living at France at the moment. I can tell you that French is easy to learn the basics, harder to learn the grammar. The only problem with French grammar is that you have an exception for every single rule. The best way to learn is probably by taking small courses, speaking with french people and understanding how the sentences are composed and how french is spelled.
  5. By my personal experience I can tell you that sometimes I don't know how to spell it right, other times I simply forget or don't put enough effort in it. When you're writing fast and to your close friends for quite a long time, you start forgetting about grammar and proper spelling. Then, when you come across with a forum or another place where you should write properly, you start getting confused and misspell a lot.
  6. Hello everybody. I came across to this doubt and I can't help to realize the correct manner by myself. What's correct? "I've came across to a dirty road." or "I came across to a dirty road." or even "I've come across to a dirty road." I have a hard time composing sentences in the past.
  7. Well, it's rather confusing at the start and if you think at it. I've never came across to that thought but huh, I believe I can give you an example of when I was one or another. "I've never came across to that thought." "I like that software which allows you to edit your video easily." I find myself using "that" in the place of "which" as well, but that's something I'll try to fight from now-on.
  8. I noticed the same thing when I started posting here as well, but I believe you could add the words to the "dictionary" so it wouldn't bother you again with the same words.
  9. Hey there. As far as my mother told me, it was mom, daddy and food. Yes, food. I laughed alot when she's told me that.
  10. I can't say that I understand what you mean one hundred percent, but if I get it correctly, it's like everything else in life. I'll give you the example of driving. When you first learn, you love it and can't stop doing. With the years it becomes something normal and part of your routine. The samething happens with the words, I guess. The more you use them, they stop being special and unique.
  11. It's going pretty good. I admit that the harder part is writing as I don't practise it too much. Talking goes with the time and the experience of the every-day needs.
  12. Boas pessoal. Na vossa opinião, quais são os melhores livros de escritores Portugueses que ja leram? Hey there everybody. In your opinion, what are the best Portuguese books that you've read?
  13. Boa noite a todos. Porque é que decidiram aprender Português? Simplesmente por gosto, por razões profissionais ou por obrigação? Eu como é obvio porque nasci em Portugal, e vocês? Good night everybody. Why did you start learning Portuguese? Do you do it because you like it, for professional reasons or you was forced in some way? Please share with us.
  14. Não quero por autocolantes no teclado do portatil. Ja pensei em comprar um teclado externo mas depois pensei que não vale a pena.
  15. O problema no Rio nem são os que moram nos morros mas o resto em geral. Ha muitos ladrões, etc. Os dos morros normalmente ficam nos morros. Assim como na américa os grandes gangs não saiem dos "hoods", os dos morros é a mesma coisa, a não ser por alguma razão especifica. Também ha gente boa nos morros, mas aprenderam a viver nesse ambiente, em que sais a rua e vez gajos com Ak-47's nas mãos.
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