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  1. This is a great idea for a vocabulary building game. répéter (to study)
  2. I'd say so. At the moment I don't know much about French culture, but I've learned quite a bit after starting to study French. There's not much difference between French culture and any other Western cultures, though, so it's not as drastic as trying to learn an Asian culture when coming from the American culture.
  3. Bonjour, je suis nick87, et je veux apprendre francias. Je suis un debuntant.
  4. Banleiue 13. I saw it before I even had an interest in learning French. It's a rather awesome action movie. They do have an English dubbed version...but dubs annoy me with how the words don't align with their mouth movements, so I opted to watch the French one with subtitles in English.
  5. Remembering conjugations is the hardest part for me. I always get up the they and you forms of words. I just have to keep practicing.
  6. "Che" is kind of like "dude" in Argentina.
  7. This is really cool, thanks for sharing it. I had been using google translate for the longest time but like sillylucy said, with google translate it often loses meaning. Google translate is often literal while lyrics have a lot of idioms and metaphors that don't translate literally very well.
  8. No, porque la situation economico en espana no es mejor que muchas otras piases ahora.
  9. Mi gusta Juanes, una banda de rock alternativo. Hace muchas canciones bienes. Y tu, que musica te gustas?
  10. I just practiced a lot. I probably sounded insane saying random words in spanish with r in them over and over again just to get rolling the rs right.
  11. My plan is to pretend like I don't speak Spanish, then wait for someone to say something insulting towards me or embarrassing towards themselves, then just join the conversation in Spanish and watch their faces start looking like :speechless: jk, but it will probably help in the job market later in life
  12. I tried to watch telenovelas...but I couldn't stomach any of them. I just end up laughing hysterically at the cheesiness of them all. Not that American soap operas are much better...but some of the stuff is just so ridiculous that I can't help but to laugh so hard that I fall off the couch.
  13. I got it for Christmas last year. Save your money, Rosetta Stone isn't good. It will teach you random vocabulary words, but it doesn't teach you useful conversational phrases nor does it teach you grammar. It's basically flash cards with pictures. Duolingo is free and it's better, it goes over grammar, conjugations, conversational stuff, translating to and from the language, listening, etc.
  14. Yes, it's great! Way better than rosetta stone, and it's free. I've learned quite a bit from it and it keeps the practice up for me, and it gives you the confidence that comes with practice.
  15. Comedias e accion estan mis favoritos. No me gusta peliculas de amor y peliculas romanticas.
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