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  1. I completely agree, there is some sex appeal in the language for sure. And the above post makes a very interesting comment about how Rome and Romance translate (no pun intended) to a language of love. I found that really interesting!
  2. I'm wondering why people want to learn how to speak Spanish. I want to learn because upon graduation, I will be working in the health care field and Spanish in my area is a very sought after skill. There are plenty of physicians and nurses in my area, but few that can converse in Spanish comfortably and I really want to be the go to person for that!
  3. Has anyone had any experience with Rosetta Stone? It is a lot of money so I was wondering if anyone had any experience and hopefully success with the product? I really want to learn Spanish and be able to incorporate it into my daily life, however I don't know which study method to use. Advice?
  4. I would recommend just reading for fun, at your own pace during your own time, and then reading for the sake of speed. You need distinguish between the two and eventually the two will come together for you. I like to read novels and books for fun, and then I try to speed read the news paper when I am pressed for time on the train. I get through as much as I can and now when I read novels I instinctively read a little bit faster everyday.
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