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  1. Hola ¿Que tal? Me encantana el idioma español y quiero un nivel alto. ¡Encontado!
  2. ¡Bien! Me gusta salir con amigos, eschuar musica, conectarse en el internet y otra cosas jaja
  3. Hola, Me llamo Tom y soy profesor de inglés. Soy de Ingleterra pero ahora vivo en Madrid. For many years I have wanted to learn another language and now I am learning Spanish. I started last year for a few months with DuoLingo then this year I came back with a bang and I am using a series of methodologies to learn. My dream is to become fluent in Spanish Nice to meet y'all
  4. Tombo


    I always wanted muzzy when I was a kid and lo and behold my sister found it at a church fete for 20P! We could not believe it because it was worth over £100. It is a really good thing and recently I found it on YouTube in Spanish WHICH IS EPIC! You're never too old for Muzzy!
  5. I started classes about a month ago but I still do a lot outside of class and I do something everyday. Before class I had already started to teach myself. I use a range of methods and I am always keen to try out new methodologies. Also, this is my first post so hey everybody!
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