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  1. One of my big fears is that I know a tiny bit of German, a tiny bit of French, and a tiny bit of Spanish - and that I'll start crossing over words. I'm already worried about saying "die chat" for instance. How do people deal with that when learning multiple languages at once?
  2. Thank you for making this resource available! It will help me with one of my fears with learning French.
  3. JustinP: How much skill do you need to do the immersion? I'm relearning French so I'm not sure of my skill level. I'd really like to learn faster but I'm worried about retaining vocabulary.
  4. I'm also interested in this... so if you haven't responded because it's an old topic and you know of some free eBooks, please let us know!
  5. I'm looking for people who use Duolingo studying French to be my study buddies. The app has a feature where you can add friends. My userid on there is ArianeK, for people who might want to add me. I think that'll help me learn faster and retain words better. Is anyone interested?
  6. Could you please upload a link for the website? Or is this an app for Android or IOS? My google-fu is failing me...
  7. I just started using Duolingo a week ago and I'm loving it. I do sometimes have problems with understanding the difference between "il" and "ils", "nous" and "vous," but I have trouble with that in face-to-face learning. I can't blame the app too much. I have a seven-day streak going currently! My big problem is I took five years of junior high and high school French, and then I took three semesters of German in college. I keep crossing vocabulary. Hopefully the app will help me sort that out. (What is French for "the app," anyway?)
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