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  1. My Rosetta Stone program is in the mail. I agree with you about Live Mocha. The platforms for learning are extremely confusing, and seeing as how the microphone on my computer seems to have stopped working recently, it is virtually impossible to get any feedback from other students.
  2. I hope that I can do as well as your friend did! I am still really struggling with the language, and there are so few resources out there for Finnish writing help! I am bound and determined to learn how to sound out the incredibly long words, but the fact that it is taking me half an hour to write a sentence or two is not fun at all! Thank you for the encouragement, I need it!
  3. I recently started trying Live Mocha to amp up my Finnish studies, but I haven't really found it to be that useful. I was wondering whether or not anyone has tried paying for a subscription to Live Mocha in order to use the advanced features? I am thinking about trying the paid service, but don't want to waste my time.
  4. Thank you for posting this thread. I was looking for something like this to help me when I travel to Helsinki. I am having trouble finding good resources to help me study Finnish. I have recently been using Live Mocha, but it is a bit confusing and does not get into great depth on any lesson. The only good point to Live Mocha is that it is free. I do not have the money to invest in a program like Rosetta Stone.
  5. I have been studying Finnish for over a year now, and I must say that it is the most confusing language I have ever studied. I have the numbers and counting down fairly well, but the Finnish alphabet confuses me to no end. I think that I am doing alright at mastering the accent and speaking, but writing is giving me a huge headache! I started studying Finnish anticipating a move to Helsinki for business. I understand that most of Helsinki speaks some English, but I thought that it would be polite to be able to communicate in the native language.
  6. I found that counting is one of the easier things to learn in Finnish. I have studied and can speak fluent English, Spanish and French, but Finnish is giving me more than a few problems. I find the Finnish alphabet to be the most confusing of any language that I have learned thus far. I had already learned to count to ten in Finnish so a few more numbers are a great help!
  7. Thank you so much, I had no idea that I was supposed to preface my name, and this tip will come in very handy when I visit Helsinki in May. I have heard that most of Helsinki is speaks some English, but I felt it would be polite to learn as much Finnish as possible.
  8. I have never been able to roll my r's without sounding like I'm recovering from a bad sinus infection. I had never considered going to a speech therapist, but when it was mentioned earler, I thought it sounded like a great idea. I always wondered why occasionally a native speaker would smirk at me when I pronounced certain words, and now I know! It is the those darn r's! I am planning on researching the cost of a speech therapist on Monday after work. I will let you guys know if I have any success after giving a therapist a try.
  9. I enjoy English the most because it is my native tounge. I have always enjoyed learning and speaking Spanish as well. Currently, I am in the process of trying to learn Finnish and am having a very hard time understanding and pronuncing the letters of the Finnish alphabet. I am hoping that if I stick with I will eventually pick it up, but it seems to be a slippery slope for me. I would love to hear any advice from native Finnish speakers!!
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