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  1. I love short stories and honesty I will pick from the children category. My all time favorite is the princess and the frog. I felt so sorry for the frog when it retrieved the ball for the princess and she ran off without fulfilling what she promised. I was amazed at the ending when the frog was able to get to the palace; Great ending to the story.
  2. I also have so many favorites that it is impossible to pick one. When I was a teen someone introduced me to books in the mills and boon series. Later on I started reading Daniel Steel and Sydney Sheldon books and I was hooked. I discovered a store that sold old books at a fair price. I would even have a chance to exchange a book at a small fee once I was done reading it.
  3. I guess I stopped being afraid of monsters when I grew up. I also like the unknown and the unexpected that make my hair stand on end. I enjoy the thrill of fear so I will also pick psychological thrillers over monsters. I wish that the innocence that kids have remained into adulthood. I used to be so afraid of monsters. My grandfather used to tell me stories about them.
  4. I will go with Oliver twist in the book titled the same. He was a courageous orphaned boy who went through great trials until he finally found a happy home with a good gentleman. My mom read the book for us when we were children and I will never forget how I would cry when Oliver twist went through problems. I walked the journey with him.
  5. Yes I would learn the language if it was interesting. Maybe one day I would meet with a native of that land who would need someone to translate for them. I think that a skill does not go to waste once it is acquired. It may remain dormant for years only to be useful when least expected.
  6. I come from a tribe that has a problem pronouncing R and L. I guess that it must be the shape of our tongues. If a letter has L and R then I hesitate before pronouncing it because I feel funny saying the word. It is not that I hate pronouncing it, things are just that way.
  7. I must admit that I have discovered that I have a very imaginative mind. If I apply for a job I see myself already in that office. If I meet someone that I like, I imagine what it would be like to see them every day. I cannot control my imagination as much as I like to. It leads to building of castles.
  8. Idioms are meant to spice a language. They push the reader to think outside the box. They can get very confusing because we see things differently. Idioms are usually used on a casual setting with the intention of getting the message across to the recipient without offending them.
  9. I think that anything is worth reading if it equips the reader with information. People have different tastes when it comes to the content they enjoy reading. Someone could get surprised if they read and enjoy a book they thought they wouldn’t like. Keeping an open mind is what is important.
  10. I understand why it is used to compare problems. A person may be complaining that they have poor quality shoes. Someone without shoes will also complain. The person with poor quality shoes is better off than the one without. They have a bird in hand. The one without shoes may see shoes displayed in a shop but cannot afford to buy. Those are two birds in the bush. I hope my example makes sense.
  11. Plagiarism is the word that I have to check the spelling every time before I write it down. (I did that right now). I usually use word to type my text. It checks for grammar and spelling mistakes. I am sure that I will make so many mistakes if I did not have the program. That reminds me that I need to upgrade to the new version.
  12. The first novel I read was by a Kenyan writer. I was so impressed because I had only read short stories as a child. Where I grew up writing was not considered as a career and most people did not consider reading novels not included in the school syllabus. My parents are both retired teachers and they encouraged us to read extensively.
  13. A writer should not be limited to write about a specific area unless it is for pay. Creativity is one of the traits that most writers have. I am a writer and I like writing about what comes to my mind. I do freelance writing where a client can tell me what to write about. Writing is an art that should not have a limit put on it. Race does not play any part in writing.
  14. I prefer to figure things out for myself. I do not like listening to sport commentaries as well. I prefer to make my own observations. I love going on the journey that the author has created, I like being surprised by the twist in a story or cry when the character I love dies. I enjoy reading a good book very much from cover to cover to discover for myself what the author wants me to know.
  15. I love the sound of music as well; brought great memories. I will have to choose Forest Gump as my favorite movie because it made me laugh and cry at the same time. I enjoyed watching it immensely. This is one movie that I can watch over and over again. I wish I had a copy right now.
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