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  1. I can't spell that word, always forget the right way to do it, the good thing is when typing I can just highlight the word and right-click to get the correct spelling. DEFINITELY
  2. I only correct when someone asks me to do so, I do get why they wouldn't want to be corrected though, specially now with all these slang words. When you're about to correct someone picture yourself in their situation and think how you would feel about that.
  3. In elementary they taught us cursive writing. But when I moved to high school, never saw it again. I guess is because teachers couldn't understand some students cursive writing, even in print letters some teachers still can't understand, but uhm.. at least they get an idea.
  4. Only sometimes it gives you an accurate translation. But if you are to translate full sentences with Google Translator, make sure to ALWAYS capitalize the first letter of the sentence and use periods, for some reason these make a difference in the translation of your sentences.
  5. Here are a few, I don't know what they're singing, but I just like the rhythm of the song: Amerika - Rammstein Alors on danse - Stromae Gangnam style - PSY Gentleman - PSY Dragostea din tei - O-Zone (almost forgot )
  6. "A piece of cake" It's interesting how this became an idiom, because I'm pretty sure there are easier tasks than cutting a piece of cake
  7. Haven't google been added as a verb? lol I think slang words shouldn't be added to the dictionary, they're just replacing words that already exist, if it were new words I would understand that, but changing the meaning of already existing words? That's not necessary.
  8. I think Google Translator have been getting worst as time goes on, due to the "improve translation" feature. Sometimes what you write you don't want word for word translation or that's just going to sound ridiculous, but you want a meaning, and that's were Google Translator fails at.
  9. I was taught English by some really great teachers, and from experience the hardest part for me is Speaking the language, in fact I'm still having trouble with that, I confuse tenses and forget basic rules sometimes. But English grammar is very easy
  10. Since I'm into a more electronic and pop genre in music I like Stromae, he speaks clearly and if you know French, or are learning, you will be able to understand him with no problem.
  11. 'Usted' is used in formal occasions, or if you want to show respect to someone. Think of it like saying "Hello" instead of "Hi" or "Yes" instead of "Yeah"
  12. The main reason why teachers don't teach vosotros anymore is because #1 the word it's not used in exams and #2 only Spain (most of the time) uses the word frequently.
  13. I think it's more difficult for an English speaker to learn Spanish. In Spanish there are thousands of ways of writing/saying something, and most of the rules that you're taught about grammar have a few exceptions which than you have to memorize. Now, when it comes to speaking it, English is harder, you have to learn all these accents that words have and some words that are written the same way but are spelled differently.
  14. If you're starting from the basics, I would recommend Duolingo, really simple and easy, and they make it like a game experience, giving you points and rewards for your work. Good luck!
  15. Hello everyone, I'm from the USA and I speak fluent Spanish and English. I'm trying to learn Portuguese and French, and hopefully this community will help me accomplish that goal :grin:
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