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  1. Sorry if I am pushing this post up. I am really into K-pop especially 2NE1! CL is my favorite member since I think she is the most talented and I think she is extremely pretty. I think the top main k-pop artist people will end up knowing are SNSD, Big Band, Psy, and 2NE1. I hope people who are getting to like k-pop should listen to SHINee since they are my favorite band.
  2. Thank you for the knowledge so far! I am having a hard time in understanding at first, but I am going to try to learn how to read and write Korean. I was wondering if you have a YouTube channel because I learn easier by visual aid and listening.
  3. I learned "dae bak" as meaning "big win" . I hear the phrase a lot when I watch this Korean variety show called "Running Man" . Thank you for sharing some of your knowledge in basic Korean. It is very useful to me.
  4. Thank you for the history lesson on the Korean flag. I learned the history of the Philippines flag and the color of red and blue matters on which is on top since one can mean peace and the other way means war.
  5. I want to learn Korean for many specific reasons. I love listening to K-pop, but I do not understand the lyrics. I think it is off how people can listen to songs that they will love and not understand a word. I also am in love with this Korean Variety show called "Running Man". I do not want to wait a whole day just to wait for subtitles.
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