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  1. Hey, Just wanted to present something I've created: Lexly. It's a chat app for practice and learning that provides context. So it's like HelloTalk but with topics and content from these topics that you can put inline into the chat. The concept focusing on using a language with other people, and more so making it fun to do so, which I think is the best way to learn. Spanish is one of the first three languages (English & French being the other two)/ There are some screenshots at: http://imgur.com/a/uTCte The website is www.lexly.me It's something I've worked on for a bit and would welcome any feedback on the idea!
  2. Hello Linguaholic, I have been working on an app of my own and would like some feedback on the idea. The initial version is basically a chat app like HelloTalk. However, I found that HelloTalk really lacked some features, the main one being not knowing what to talk about. Lexly fixes that by plugging into content on the internet to use as context within a chat app. So you press a button in the chat and a piece of content appears in the window. The initial version has 2 topic types. 1. Pictures from Reddit subs - I put 'awww' as one of the subs so you can teach each other names of cute animals, for example. 2. Questions from eslconversationquestions.com. I found these on Google and the owner of the site was kind enough to let me use them. These are also translated into French and Spanish. I'm working on adding more content types. I think this is key, and can be really fun. I'm a believer in the approach that to learn a language you have to start using it from day one, and then keep using it and using it, and I think fun is the key to staying engaged. There are some screenshots at: http://imgur.com/a/uTCte The website is www.lexly.me Any feedback is welcome!
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