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  1. I really like Japanese music, especially J-Rock. I really wished I could connect to it the same way I could connect to English music (as listening to music in a foreign language is a very different experience). So, I started to learn Japanese. I also had an interest in Japanese culture, so that helped too.
  2. I think that subbed anime allows too much 'cheating'. Its better to watch unsubbed anime then in another tab look up the subs-- or read untranslated manga, with the same concept. This way you aren't constantly looking at the subtitles, as it's too easy to do
  3. I usually have to listen to a movie multiple times before I can translate
  4. This guy is a polygot...meaning he is unnaturally gifted in learning languages. The average person cannot do something like that. Trust me, I've tried learning Japanese and know several brilliant people who did too, and that's on the side of brilliant!
  5. I have only experienced the TOEFL by helping my mother study for it, as it is the only one I've seen used! I thought it was a pretty good test, around the level of the average high school in an English speaking country's level.
  6. I learned cursive in third grade. I use half cursive when writing in pen because it's faster
  7. I disagree :/ my teachers in Spanish were terrible. They only cared that we passed the tests, barely knew how to teach...it was the self learning that really helped
  8. My sister uses Google Translate almost exclusively for her Spanish homework, and she is currently studying 4th year Spanish. It is usually extremely accurate, at least for Spanish. I can't say how accurate it is for slang/colloquial Spanish, but it works for textbook examples.
  9. Hello, nice to meet you! I knew English and Bengali from birth, because my mom is from Bangladesh and I grew up in the United States. I know French from high school, as I took four years. I studied some Spanish, but forgot most of it, to be honest. I am currently learning Japanese!
  10. Nope! Perhaps it would be easier if the languages were similar. But I was born bilingual, and studied French in high school. Recently, I've been trying to learn Japanese. It's been very difficult as I constantly think of French vocab words. Learning multiple languages, at least in my experience, becomes a huge stress. This is because if I am not regularly speaking the language, I need to review vocabulary words, and the more languages, the more words to remember.
  11. I don't know the answer to your question, OP, but I have heard many times that learning a romance language becomes easier after learning one or more romance languages. I've heard that Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian are extremely similar. I studied French for years, and I can somewhat make out the meaning of Spanish sentences/words while reading. Listening to Spanish makes little sense, however. Because of this I am trying to learn Spanish. It's not as hard as it is learning Japanese for me, but it's not necessarily 'easy'. However, this may be because I have been slacking
  12. Hi, nice to meet you! I am learning Spanish and already know French X) I think its great how you are taking the effort to learn a new language! I am also pretty new to these forums, so welcome!
  13. Hello, someone I know made an app called "Japanese". It is on the App Store, the icon is red with Japanese characters. It acts like a dictionary, and it is a great help for Japanese language learners. There are easy references for kana and kanji, and has nuances that help you speak and write Japanese more natively. Please check out the app, as I love it! There are examples for each word, English translations, alternate spellings, and more!
  14. I think Japanese flows really well, as it has so many vowel sounds. It flows really well, and when spoken with a soft voice, it sounds very pleasing and sophisticated. It might just be conditioning from Hollywood movies, but British English also sounds very sophisticated and posh (at least, the posh London accent does). I disagree that French sounds sophisticated. Some of the more phlegm-y sounds are harsh on the ears, which doesn't sound very sophisticated to me. However, I think Paris seems like a very fancy, sophisticated place. I would love to visit there and check out some of the famous Parisian cafes.
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