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  1. Another nice French word to say is 'Pression', as in 'Je voudrais une bière à la pression, s'il vous plait'. 'Pression' is translated in English as 'Draught/Draft', as in 'Draught/Draft Beer'.
  2. I'd like to know what languages people have learnt at any time during their life. When I was at school I was studying French, Spanish, Latin and Ancient Greek. I found the old (dead) languages fascinating, as you could see the origins of English words and how their original meaning in some cases have become misconstrued.
  3. One of my favourite French words is 'Santé' which is normally said at a toast before a meal. Directly translated it means 'Health' but colloquially it can mean 'Cheers'.
  4. Google translate is a useful service for translating the odd sentence or phrase here and there, but most of the time it is not a 'true' translation. Often lacking in syntax and missing the colloquialisms which native speakers would use all the time. I'd recommend using it as a reference tool more than anything else.
  5. Amazing! I had not heard of 'Duolingo' before and will now most definitely check it out! Thanks
  6. I am pretty certain that there is an 'English for dummies' iOS app available to purchase. All of their other language apps are fantastic and come stock full of features and useful things to make acquiring a new language a pleasure and a joy.
  7. I highly recommend the iOS app 'Italian for dummies'! It comes with all of the key words and phrases, as well as a sound database with phonetic and realtime pronunciations of all the vocabulary. It's helped me out before while I was in Italy. The 'for dummies' series of iOS apps are really brilliant for language learning.
  8. I highly recommend the 'Japanese for dummies' app on the Apple store! It has a fantastic array of features which make it easy to learn a tricky language like Japanese.
  9. The main apps I've used for learning Chinese/Japanese have been on the iOS Store. I normally go for the 'for dummies' series of language apps. You can listen to samples of a person pronouncing a word. Of course it comes with full definitions, applications, etc.
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