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  1. I am fluent in English as it is my first language. I am graduating college soon and getting ready to join the business workforce, but have noticed that my vocabulary is not that large and I sometimes do not understand larger words that my peers say. I could just read the dictionary I suppose, but I was wondering if anyone has found an iPhone App of any kind that could help me expand my vocabulary in a more fun, interactive way?
  2. This App sounds interesting. I do not have an iPhone, but hopefully I will be able to download this on my Samsung tablet soon! I am fluent in English (it is my first language), but looking to expand my vocabulary as I graduate college soon and join the workforce. Do you think this App would be of help to me?
  3. The iPhone app, Wordpower Spanish, is my favorite app in aiding the learning of Spanish. This App includes multiple levels for each stage of your learning. It will show you a picture, read the word out loud, give a definition, and have you repeat the word back. This is an easy way to learn on the go at your break at work, or during your commute. This App only teaches you words and not complete phrases, so it does have to be partnered with another learning method. However, the best part is that the App is free!
  4. I completed and successfully learned Spanish on my own using Rosetta Stone. The way it has you look at objects and say common everyday words and phrases in whichever language you are trying to learn is the best feature. It allowed me to use these phrases and terms as if they were my natural tongue. The program is set up so that you have to think and come up with the right terms, rather than just read and repeat them. I love this because even I, who has an awful memory, was able to comprehend in learn the language unlike I ever could in a classroom. I definitely recommend Rosetta Stone to anyon
  5. Good afternoon everyone! I am Jill from the eastern states. Currently I am fluent in English, ASL, and Spanish. I am enrolled in and Arabic course this fall at my university, and am very eager to to become fluent in that as well. Another language I am interested in learning in the future is Greek! I can't wait to get to know all of you who are part of the linguaholic community!
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