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  1. Has anyone here finished a language on Duolingo? How long did it take you? I just finished Italian but I tested out of about half of it. It still took me around a year to get to the end (though admittedly I go through cycles of lots of Duolingo and then nothing for weeks). Do you feel you learned a lot? I feel like I understand a lot more but my speaking has not improved lots, yet. I will keep practicing until everything is gold :grin:
  2. I have only tried the online platform, and I think it's a cool idea! I love that you take the emphasis off learning and just make it a game. It'd be great to offer different levels of difficulty. I understand you're aiming it at beginners but it'd be great for higher levels as well Thanks for all your hard work and contribution to the language learning community!
  3. Swedish is out!!! It was released on Monday, and it's great I'm so happy. Norwegian would be a great add too, as it's the most useful Scandinavian language in some ways--Norwegian is more mutually intelligible with Icelandic, Danish, and Swedish than any of the others, from what I've heard.
  4. The ideal would be to split it into two sentences as they are separate clauses and form a list. "First, talk to Mr. Johnson. Then, see the supervisor for the next meeting." Another option would be to add an "and" to separate the clauses. This would remove the first comma as there is no list being formed, and add one after "Johnson". The "and" is not necessary but improves the rhythm of the sentence. However, stylistically this is less preferable than the first option (for written English anyway). "First talk to Mr. Johnson, and then see the supervisor for the next meeting."
  5. As most people are saying, it's best to address it privately and simply ask if he would like you to correct his pronunciation. As a language learner, it is disheartening when people correct you all the time but it is really necessary to improve. And I'd rather improve than have my ego intact :grin:
  6. Hello! I'm a Swiss-Italian (from the lovely canton of Ticino) who was raised in California but has recently relocated to Graubünden, Switzerland, after a brief stint of living in Iceland. I speak Italian and English at home, though my Italian could use some practice when it comes to more complicated grammar. I've picked up bits and pieces of many European languages and would really like to reach proficiency in them before expanding into more diverse languages. So, I am currently trying to work on my rudimental German, French, and Swedish! Luckily Duolingo offers all of these (or will be, starting tomorrow :grin: ). I would love to communicate with some native speakers of these languages, if anyone would like to practice with me! Nice to meet you all!
  7. I second the post about Memrise, I really like that site! It's worth mentioning that Duolingo also has a flashcard section--however, you can't make your own. But it tracks your progress and the words you haven't practiced in a while!
  8. So cool! Thank you for your contribution Do you use native speakers for the audio? I could recruit some speakers if you're looking to expand
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