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  1. Me gustan los lenguajes de programación. Me especializo en las ciencias de la computacion. Pues, las ciencias de la computacio no solo son los lenguajes de programación. Tambien hay matemáticas, lingüística, lógica, y muchas otras cosas. Las ciencias de la computacion son muy complejas jaja.
  2. I think this person was saying that they like spanish tortillas, not spanish food. So the poster was correct.
  3. This makes me wonder about a time when computers can learn languages more fluently than humans. At that point, would humans eve need to learn dead languages. Computers themselves could keep them alive. Would people still learn these dead languages? Would MORE people learn these dead languages because we now understand them more?
  4. People actually say that? Huh, I totally thought it was something that you saw on those weird TV shows you watch in school.
  5. Tonto - Dumb, idiot. No mama. No soy un tonto. I actually learned this from a friend. We were looking at a forest called tonto national forest and exclaimed "HA, dumb national forest".
  6. ] I still have a lot of trouble with masculine and feminine. According to some of my native spanish friends, it never really goes away. You just start feeling weird when you say something wrong. Sort of like English when you use the wrong tense of a word, or use adjectives in the wrong order.
  7. My Spanish 3 teacher spoke only Spanish for the first few months. It helped a lot of us improve really fast. Its just immersion, nothing radical. However, the difference between having to keep up with a recorded tape for an assignment and having to keep up with it for an entire class makes all of the difference. I really recommend it.
  8. Castilian Spanish. I live in Southern California so I am in contact with many mexican speakers, so that is the type of Spanish I am really good at listening to. I get the least contact with Castilian speakers. However, I actually do a pretty mean Castilian accent haha.
  9. It hasn't helped me a whole lot. I'm not at the level where I can switch into Spanish to help customers at the store I work at. It has helped me to catch what people are saying when they switch into Spanish to talk shit. Nothing about me yet.
  10. Hello everybody. I'm picklefingers. I love languages. Is there more to say? No, but really, I absolutely love languages. Actually, whats more precise is I love language acquisition. I am constantly searching for new resources. I've done so much resource searching that I've found myself helping people in language I know very little about. A little about my own language journey. I took Spanish in high school. I think I'm decent at it. I'm not spectacular, especially since I haven't been practicing it lately. I also studied Japanese in my own time. I started learning it because I was a weeaboo.
  11. I've been listening to a lot of Camila lately. Their songs "Todo Cambio" and "De que me sirve la vida?" are great. Fantastic car music haha. But seriously, I think their music is what got me into Latin music.
  12. Romaji is usfel until you learn Hiragana and Katakana. Once you learn those, it should be dropped. And when learning Japanese, you should be learning those two in your first week or two, so romaji really has little use in your language journey. See, romaji wasn't created for language learners. It was created for people who didn't want to learn their language (e.g Businessmen, Travelers, some Linguists) but still be able to use it effectively.
  13. Hello, as the title says, I need to revive my speaking skills. To be perfectly honest, I have not practiced the language at all in the past few months, except for a couple of rare times that I looked at a Spanish forum. I need to revive my language skill because I am taking a Spanish III course next semester at my college and since I don't really have time next semester, I don't want there to be any struggling. So, I hope we can have a fun time speaking en espanol y ingles. Edit: Forgot to put, message me first through a PM.
  14. These are always fun. Personally, I don't really have a big mistake. Though one time I totally blanked out on all of the conjugations of ser. Pretty lame. So what about y'all?
  15. Definitely reading and writing. I am pretty bad at speaking. Mostly, its my accent. I can never really pronounce the harder words without making other people chuckle a bit. But still, besides the accent, everything just flows out much more naturally in Spanish when I am reading and writing.
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