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  1. Yes, of course. I need it for Monday morning. I live in Dupnitsa, as you already know, our time zone is UTC +2h. Sundays I stay in front of my computer until 00 o'clock, so I think Sunday evening is totally fine. Thank you, Lingua!
  2. Actually she doesn't like me much, that's why. She said that the text was grammatically right 100%, but she didn't like the text, my text, that, which I wrote about my town and after that you translated. She said that if it was about the grammar I would have excellent, but it was an essay and it should be much longer. Oh, yes.. and she told me that it sounds better "ich wohne" than "ich lebe", but I don't think so.
  3. Well... my teacher told me that it's grammatical right, but she didn't like it. So for the next Monday(01.12.2014) I have to make another text, so now I'm going to ask you again for you help with the translation: :shy: I live in Dupnitsa, which is small and a very beautiful town, situated in west Bulgaria. It is at the foot of the highest mountain in the Balkan Peninsula – the Rila Mountain, and about 65 km south of the capital Sofia. The town has existed since Antiquity. The German traveler and knight, Arnold von Harff, visited Dupnitsa in 1499 and described it as a "beautiful town". The names Tobinitsa, Doupla and Dubnitsa are mentioned throughout history, the last one used until the Liberation of Bulgaria, when the official name was changed to Dupnitsa. In 1948 the town was renamed Stanke Dimitrov; for a short period in 1949 it was called Marek; the name was changed to Stanke Dimitrov in 1950. After the democratic changes, the old name Dupnitsa was restored. My family has a house in town. I live there with my parents and my sister. I had no opportunity to move to another city. On a hill overlooking the town there is a giant cross, commemorating the Bulgarians who perished in the Balkan wars and World War I. On the same hill there lay the ruins of a medieval fortress. During the World War II, even though there was no deportation of Bulgarian Jews of the former Bulgarian territories, over 4,000 Jews from parts of Greece and Yugoslavia annexed by Bulgaria were arrested on 4 March 1943 and deported to an internment camp in Dupnitsa. After ten days in the Dupnitza camp, on 18–19 March they were transferred by train to Lom on the Danube. Nowadays Dupnitsa is fast-developing town. There is a market, where everyone can find everything. There's also a theater, stadium, mosque, town garden and park. The theater shows a pretty good plays. On the stadium local teams play usually matches between each other. The mosque is actually a gallery. Frequently there are shown beatiful exhibitions. In the town garden and in the park there are many kids playing around. Die Straßenbedingungen und das Sanitärsystem sind ziemlich schlecht.- will stay the same Despite this our town is a small and very beautiful universe. Thank you in advance. I know it's already too insolently, but.. I'm going to be so greatful if you help me again.
  4. So many mistakes.. I don't know what to say so I can describe how thankful am I to you :) :shy:
  5. For this Friday(29.11.2014) I have to write an essay in German about my town. This is the version in English: I live Dupnitsa. It is a small and beautiful town in west part of Bulgaria. We have a paternal house there. I live in it with my parents and my sister. I was born in Dupnitsa. I have never had occasion to go out of our town. My school, my friends are all here. There is a market, a theatre, a large playground and a railway station. There are buses, auto-rickshaws, taxis, etc. for transport. There are also three hospitals. The road condition and sanitary system are quite bad. In the market, one can get all sorts of consumer goods including clothes, shoes, stationery goods. The theatre shows pretty good plays. In the playground, football and matches are frequently held between the local teams. We live happily in our native place which is our universe. And my version in German. Ich lebe Dupnitsa. Es ist eine kleine und schöne Stadt in Westteil Bulgariens. Wir haben ein väterliches Haus dort. Ich lebe darin mit meinen Eltern und meiner Schwester. Ich war in Dupnitsa geboren. Ich habe Gelegenheit nie gehabt, um aus unserer Stadt zu gehen. Meine Schule, meine Freunde sind alle hier. Es gibt einen Markt, ein Theater, einen großen Spielplatz und eine Eisenbahnstation. Es gibt Busse, auto-rickshaws, Taxis etc. für Transport. Es gibt auch drei Krankenhäuser. Die Straßenbedingung(Straßenzustand) und hygienisches System sind ziemlich schlecht(schlimm). Auf dem Markt kann man alle Sorten von Konsumgütern bekommen, die Kleider, Schuhe, Büromaterial-Waren einschließen. Das Theater zeigt recht gute Spiele. Im Spielplatz werden Fußball und Matchs(Streichhölzer) häufig zwischen den lokalen Mannschaften gehalten. Wir leben glücklich in unserem heimischen Platz, der unser Universum ist. Please, help me and correct my mistakes, because I'm pretty sure I have mistakes. I will be so thankful to all of you
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