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  1. Korean 이거 뭐예요? (ee-guh-mo-eh-yo?) - Polite form 이거 뭐야? (ee-guh-mo-ya?) - Informal form
  2. I guess this is why everyone is always saying "immersion" is important! No matter how much book-learning you do, I guess it can't really prepare you for 1) people speaking really fast (which is normal for them), 2) shortened words and 3) slang!
  3. Personally, I reckon it's all about perseverance! And exposing yourself to the language on a day-to-day basis, even if it's like one new word, or revising something you've learnt )
  4. There are two main ways to say "Thank You" 감사합니다 / 감사해요 -> sounds more formal 고맙습니다 / 고마워요 -> less formal Between friends and family we use an even less formal variation --> 고마워 or even 땡큐 (romanisation of "Thank you")
  5. I personally really like: Éclat: Shine / Radiance And I think this is the cutest word ever! Ronronner: To purr
  6. Hello everyone Just discovered this forum and I'm really excited to be a part of it~ I am a native speaker of English and I am fluent in Korean (TOPIK Level 6). I can also speak French and Chinese (Intermediate) and also a bit of Japanese. I would like to learn Spanish, Italian and Arabic in the future as well~ I also just started a blog (makemeapolyglot.blogspot.com) to help others achieve the same goal of becoming a true polyglot so please have a look at it if you have a chance ^^ Thanks for reading! Céline xx
  7. Hi everyone! I just created a blog (makemeapolyglot.blogspot.com) to help others learn languages and also help myself learn as I reflect upon my language learning methods and also by writing down "Words of the Day" etc. It would be really helpful if anyone has any tips in how I can make my blog a helpful resource for language learning ^^ Also, if anyone has any experience in using a blog to monitor your own progress, please let me know whether it has been effective for you! Thanks
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