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  1. Try Mind Snacks. They offer the first lesson for free so you can try it out. It's game based type app and I have found it helpful.
  2. The "Kh" sound in Arabic. I tried, I really, really tried but I couldn't do it. I was taking Arabic classes and the teacher finally told me to quit trying because I was just never going to get it.
  3. For those who are teaching or tutoring ESL students of any age, check out: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/ This is a site that features teacher created curriculum products that you can purchase for download and print out as needed. There is a category specifically for ESL. Most downloads are relatively low cost. There often free worksheets and guides available for free as well so make sure to check out the free downloads section.
  4. Tim Ferris (wrote the 4 hour work week) has written several times about language learning and how to do it quickly. This is just one of his posts on the subject but it's fairly comprehensive (and a bit lengthy) but has a lot of interesting and good ideas for learning languages. http://fourhourworkweek.com/2014/03/21/how-to-learn-a-foreign-language-2/
  5. I am trying to do so now and have been trying for a few years. It's hard to get my kids interested in language learning because it's not a big focus in school and I think they have a hard time seeing the value right now in learning another language. When they were really young, I tried language playgroups but they few words they learned there have long been forgotten. I am trying now to practice conversation every day with them and teaching some vocabulary here and there.
  6. I found two that trip me up quite often when I am writing quickly - affect/effect and then/than. I am pretty sure I am not alone in this as I often find them mixed up in emails and reports I read at work.
  7. I am trying to get my husband and kids on board with learning French. One of my daughter's takes French at school so she is more interested in trying it out at home. I would love to get the rest of the family involved because I think conversation is one of the best ways to learn a language. Has anyone ever tried to learn a new language as family effort? Any success with this?
  8. I have used YouTube to learn specific words or phrases but not have not watched a whole series of lessons all the way through. For example, I wanted to brush up on counting higher then 10 in Spanish and just searched for videos on that. There are tons of videos and they very a lot in quality.
  9. Wow! This is great. I just took a peak at the site and am really impressed! I bookmarked it and will definitely be back to try some of the lessons in the future. I am currently focusing on bringing my French up to speed first then I am going to go back and tackle Spanish again.
  10. I studied French back in high school and some in college. I decided to try learning Spanish about a year ago. I did take some in person lessons and then tried using a software program for Spanish. I found that I found that even though I was trying to learn Spanish, the French word would come more naturally to me. It's strange because I don't speak French fluently at all and it's been years since I really studied it. It just seemed my mind immediately defaulted to French when I try to speak a language other than English. I was thinking this might disappear as I become more fluent in one or th
  11. My experience with Rosetta Stone wasn't that positive. I bought it with great anticipation and was really hoping I was going to enjoy it. I went through the first unit but couldn't bring myself to work through the second unit. It was just so boring. And the lessons didn't seem to really have a good flow to them. I did like the interactive practice of conversation and thought that was valuable for feedback and learning. Personally, I wouldn't buy it again and the price that it normally sells for.
  12. Greetings! I am Sammy and I am trying to brush up on my high school French. I have also been studying Spanish using Rosetta Stone but I found the program too boring to stick with so know I am looking for other resources that are more fun and engaging.
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