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  1. I really have a hard time spelling the words: mesmerizing, apparently, and there was another word that I'm forgetting but I will add it to the list when I remember it. If I didn't have a spell check at my disposal then I think I would have a hard time being correct, lol.
  2. I don't really know any beautiful buildings in my town, but I'm a few miles away from Manhattan, New York. If you do get a chance to visit, you will feel like you are surrounded in a concrete jungle and I do have to say it is quite mesmerizing seeing all the tall buildings.
  3. I found an infograph that might help you realize your mistakes in English. Also, it might even give you the ability to laugh at yourself more when you make these mistakes. Hope you enjoy it http://dailyinfographic.com/15-grammar-mistakes-that-can-make-you-look-silly-infographic I've made some of these mistakes before in my lifetime, so just remember no one is perfect. Learn to laugh at yourself and you'll find English learning to be a piece of cake!
  4. Well I know one comic that could possibly teach someone how to properly use grammar, it's funny too. Also, if you know someone who is a Grammar Nazi show him or her this: http://i.imgur.com/TKs3O.jpg
  5. For those English language learners who haven't heard of puns before, I'll give you a quick definition. Puns are words that are used to poke fun at similar words. They can also be words that sound alike but have completely different meanings. "What does a clock do when it's hungry? It goes back four seconds!" The pun is written in question/answer form, but the punchline or the joke in this situation is the use of "four" (related to time) which sounds like "for" (a preposition) I hope I was able to explain in detail for those of you who've never seen puns before So, what are your favorit
  6. Baburra, I often have to pause when I write those words, too. I find it especially annoying when that word occurs and I'm in the "zone" and I have to pause to analyze it again. In the past I've gotten confused with the words: except and accept, but this is almost nonexistent now.
  7. I'll add one to the list: administrate. I've heard people say, "He administrated justice". I just try to keep a straight face and go on with the conversation without correcting them. Hopefully they will learn from their mistakes.
  8. I've been in situations where I would type, "Just give me a sex" instead of "Just give me a sec". Honestly the only way for me to avoid doing that is typing out "second" and not abbreviating it. Awww, I can see that happening, as the letter X is obviously just next to the letter C on most keyboards hehe:)
  9. My favorite words are obscure, penultimate, and serendipitous. I believe some of my friends wouldn't even be able to tell me the definition of at least two words in my list. I get a satisfying sense of comfort when I say or even hear those words. I'm not entirely sure why, but maybe it enhances my thinking process
  10. e. e. cummings didn't follow grammatical rules and he became a very popular poet. I think poems are more artistic than they are literature, so I wanna say that style and grammar shouldn't matter if you can get your point across in an artistic way.
  11. I have many songs that I like that are sung in a different language. I am usually attracted to slow tempo songs like Zitten's (Korean indie band) song, "Feel Alright". Another good song by them is "TV Show" and more energetic, too. This is just a small fraction of the list of foreign music that I love. When listening to these songs I'm usually centered around the melody and rhythm because I play an instrument myself. Sometimes the vocals even enter my subconscious and I get a certain feeling or pleasure from it even though I have no idea what they are singing
  12. I prefer subbed. Not only does it help me practice by giving direct translations of what is being said, but it also puts the words into context (like many of you have said already). My major gripe with dubbed anime is I don't get the same emotions out of it as I would have reading the subtitles. Also it doesn't distract me from the video either. Also when watching live action movies in other languages I found it very annoying when the dubbed words don't match up with the person's lips. This can be very distracting for me.
  13. I actually use this app currently on my Galaxy SIII. Previously I have used swiftkey 3. I think in the beginning the Ginger app was nice to use, but after about 4 days I noticed that my typing has gotten slower and because I've made so many spelling mistakes it now suggests I correct words with words that contain spelling errors. I reinstalled swiftkey and I now use that again. Also if anyone has used the Chrome Extension (Ginger) it costs a monthly fee for advanced features like: Unlimited Grammar Checker, Sentence Rephraser, and Text Reader. With the purchase, it also has a function tha
  14. Don't worry, I've had speech problems in elementary school, too. Sometimes they lingered in high school and classmates would laugh at me, but I grew out of the stage where it didn't bother me anymore. Although, I do tend to stutter during my words if someone speaks over top of me. As for interfering with learning language, for me personally, I haven't been affected by it. I tend to make less pronunciation mistakes when learning a new language than my native language (English). Which might be because of speaking the language slower so I don't confuse myself.
  15. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people that get distracted easily when reading pretty much anything. Whenever I become conscious of my "inner reading voice" I always slow down my reading ability to pay attention to subtle things more than the topic as a whole. This really annoys me because I over-think things in social situations, too. I think the only time it is better to read something slowly is when you're dealing with a math subject or trying to understand something in detail, therefore you don't have to quickly glance over it and then come back to it two or more times, but that's just
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