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  1. I have issues with pronouncing french as an English speaker. On thing people recommend is the FSI phonology course. It's in the public domain so you can download it for free. There are TONS of drills desgned to help you overcome common mistakes (I need to take my own advice and do them )
  2. Hey! If there are any french speakers out there I'd be up for an exchange. I'm in France so if you are too it'd be easier to schedule! If not that's ok too! I'd really like to take the DELF B1 exam but need more speaking practice. I could do Skype/FaceTime or Facebook...whatever works!
  3. Maybe I'm a weirdo but writing is also the last thing I care about in language learning. I'm testing in Italian at the b2 level in reading and speaking but my writing is probably a2. Mainly I think for me I'm learning languages in survival mode, I need to speak, read and understand so those things take priority. The easiest for me is reading though, then understanding then speech and hopefully one day, writing.
  4. I'm currently looking into this option as a I have a Bachelors in teaching esl and tutoring experience. I'm just not sure how much grammar you need to have memorized. My bachelor's program was more focused on immersion style teaching for younger kids so it wasn't necessary to have all grammar rules completely memorized. Most of the tutoring jobs I've seen online seem to be geared towards teaching adults. I'm wondering how much a celta would help in this area or if I'm qualified enough already with my degree.
  5. Nice! thanks for the feedback. Are you just listening to the audio while you look at the texts or doing audio first then reading? It seems that people have different ways of approaching assimil. Also, do you do any reviewing the next day before you move on to the new lesson?
  6. Hey Nikolic993. Awesome log! I think I need to start one! How are you finding the assimil books? I have it for French but haven't done much with it yet. Wondering if it would be worth it to get the Italian one to brush up. I'm b1-b2 but have some gaps with Italian because I learned mostly dialect from my husband. Let me know! Keep up the studying, your log is really inspiring!
  7. Anyone try this series? I bought the workbook and textbook of the new 3rd edition but haven't worked with them yet. They seem to get good reviews but was just looking for any feedback. They were supposed to release the second part of the workbook sometime this year but the date keeps getting pushed back
  8. I am nowhere near understanding or speaking the dialect of my area. I live in northern France and they speak Ch'ti but I can barely handle proper french. I had the exact opposite experience in Italian where I learned the Roman dialect first then went back and filled in with proper Italian.
  9. I didn't choose the French the French chose me. Actually I was getting along perfectly well in Italian then my husbands job moved us to Belgium and then France. I was never drawn to French and was the weirdo in high school who studied German I still don't like the language even after 4 years. It's complicated and people are far less forgiving for mistakes. I feel like it takes away from time I could be using to perfect my Italian. But that's life I guess. I have to do it!
  10. Hello all! I'm an American living in France and married to an Italian. My Italian is much better than my French thanks to my husband but not really where I would like it. French is an uphill battle for me. I've lived here 4 years and am only B1 level. This is mainly due to me not being able to work (diplomatic visa) so I don't have that external push. I hope I can gain some tips and motivation here!
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