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  1. I do not know anyone who has ever learned a language this way. Although I could possibly see the benefit in it if you are really determined and wanted to learn multiple languages that are closely related. Such as Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish which are extremely closely related. I have spoken with numerous native's of those languages and they all say if you learn one you can pick the other ones up extremely quickly. It is not something I would ever do though because it would take a whole lot of time.
  2. I have kind of worked on studying Swedish before and after watching this video I believe I can "pronounce" it correct. Although only a native would really be able to tell me that! I have to admit that has got to be the oddest word I have ever heard in another language. Very weird!
  3. I am very glad you created this! I am also interested in learning Cherokee, or any Native American language for that fact. My husband is Native American, Lumbee to be specific, and I have always been fascinated with Native Americans. I find their languages beautiful and although my husband knows some I want to master the language to be able to teach our children!
  4. So far the only French speaker I have been able to make friends with lives in Quebec! I think my favorite Quebercois idiom would have to be "Avoir de l’eau dans la cave." Which in English means your pants are to short. In France though that actually means you literally have water in your cellar! For a phrase in France that means "your shorts are to short" actually means "we are going to harvest some mussels". That is all highly amusing to me! Mostly because I hate seeing everyone walking around in what might as well be their underwear. I am going to find myself using this idiom a lot!
  5. I answered the questions! I think your idea for this app is great! Learning a language is all about immersion in the culture and actively using it. We always end up doing that through entertainment and instead of going through and having to find the movies or songs with subtitles you could have them all listed or provided right there for access! That would be amazing! Will it be available in multiple languages or just a specific language you all had in mind?
  6. I just went to YouTube to see if I could pronounce "lettre". I found pronouncing it quite easy, and I am a native English speaker. I agree that continually listening and trying to say what you are hearing is key. I have found that, for me, the easiest way to try and get pronunciation correct is to just not think about. I just listening to what is being said and try to make what I am saying sound like that by changing things around with my tongue and pitch. You have got to just let your tongue relax and use one breath. I'm sitting here saying it trying to describe what my tongue is doing and it
  7. I have been talking to someone in France about my learning French, and something she brought up for me to learn first was the "tu' and "vous" differences. Do you know the difference between "tu" and "vous" in French? It's their "you". She told me when you speak to more than one people, you have to use "vous". However, when you speak to only one person, you can use "tu" or "vous", depending of who is the person. She sent me this chart to help and it is amazing! Just thought I would share it with everyone!
  8. Has anyone had success finding a friend that is a native in the language you are trying to learn? How do you communicate with them? Do they know a portion of your native language? Do you use websites like Skype? Has having a friend that speaks your target language helped you on your path to fluent speaking?
  9. I was just curious what those of you that have decided to learn French, love about the culture? I have read numerous times that finding the culture and people interesting is key to successful language learning. I for example love the French attitude, cuisine, privacy, respect, and etiquette! Of course I understand in other countries that have French as a native language the culture will be different. So what country's culture that speaks French do you specifically enjoy the most?
  10. Has anyone ever considered following a French blog to keep involved with the language? The thought just came to me and I think it would be a really good idea! Does anyone know of any blogs written in French that are interesting? Where could I look to specifically find ones in French? I don't care much about the topic but preferably something other than fashion!
  11. Very interesting information! I can not believe there are up to 6 different ways of saying something. That is a whole lot! So does the French dictionary consist of a lot more words? I would have to think so! How is one suppose to know what words to use especially regarding normal, informal, and familiar? Regarding French pronunciation, I'm not sure what liaison and elision means, but wouldn't it be no different than in English pronunciation? Sometimes letters are silent and sometimes not, or am I misunderstanding what you said? Also do you know why written and spoken French is sometimes differ
  12. I have made a list of movies and I'm going to go on a French movie binge this weekend! I think it will be a good first step. I really do want to be able to communicate with a native French speaker and be able to get their advice and feedback. I want to be able to talk to them every day that way I am actually having to use what I am learning. Do you have any suggestions where I could maybe find a native French speaker willing to do that?
  13. I am so glad this thread was created! I know being fully immersed in the culture is a big part of learning a language so that means music, movies, and television shows are a must! I have a list of French movies I currently am going to try and watch but was wondering if anyone else has watched them yet and is so how were they? 1. Timbuktu 2. Blue Is The Warmest Colour 3. Deux jours, Une Nuit (2 Days, 1 Night) 4. Un Monstre à Paris (A Monster in Paris) 5. Mommy
  14. I have never learned another language before and I am really ready to get started on my French journey! I am having trouble really figuring out where to start though. Does anyone have suggestions? I have watched a few YouTube videos and have downloaded a French app but I feel like I am just learning a few words. I feel like I need to be more involved in the French language on a daily basis and really learn conversations I can use. How did/are you accomplishing learning French?
  15. Bonjour! Je m'appelle Randi! My native language is English but I have finally decided to learn French! I think I would just gain personal satisfaction from becoming fluent in another language but if I was to become a translator I think it would be amazing! I hope to find some real nice native French speakers who will dedicate themselves to helping me along this journey, as I hope to find a few people to really help learn English. After I master French I may consider learning another language or 2 but for now I am keeping my eye on the prize! I hope all you "linguaholic's" achieve your language
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