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  1. I'm on the same boat! Honestly, watching Dutch TV has been great to my learning process. Not necessarily sitting in front of the TV, in deep thought of deciphering some reality show, but letting it be there in the background at all times. When I'm at home, sitting in front of my laptop typing this, it's on and most of the time I'm thinking about it. Oh, I know what this means! I don't know what that means. What does that mean? It's great to actually realize how little or how much you know and you can definitely see improvement.
  2. The sentence order in some sentences is quite baffling indeed! It's probably the only problem I face... except when you are learning German and Dutch at once. It's mostly stupid, non genuine mistakes where, for example, I'll throw in Jungen or Sie in a Dutch sentence. The grammar between the two languages is quite different though, so I force myself to think harder when I go from learning one to another.
  3. I've always had an interest in languages, but for some reason I didn't believe I could actually do it. Can a teenager learn a completely different language in front of a laptop? Well, I did! Now, my focus has shifted to perfect two languages. I speak ''okay/good'' Dutch and German (Dutch parent, 3rd language), but I'd like to speak it fluently. I use Duolingo, Taalthuis and a bunch of other books. Glad to share my journey with you!
  4. I wouldn't say that you need an app to learn the alphabet. I found it (my friends, too) quite easy, it's only 24 ''letters'' that you need to remember. Of course, proficiency will not come instantly, but correct pronunciation/differentiation will follow as you read and write. TTMIK is hands down, the best Korean learning website there is. The course is levelled, as each level has a book (not necessary, but I have purchased some along my journey) and each lesson has a PDF and audio file. The hosts are quite funny and cheeky too. They have an app and a huge community, that's how I got my head st
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