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  1. Hello! I'm currently searching for some podcasts to improve my listening abilities. I am a beginner, although I already have reached the HSK 1 level. I already use the "Newbie" lessons at ChinesePod and they pretty much are exactly the difficulty I'm searching for, but I'd like to have some other resources too :-). The podcast should be available on iTunes, the accent of the speakers should be either Standard Mandarin or Taiwanese Mandarin. It would be great if they don't speak too fast. Does anybody have any recommendations? Thanks! Ming
  2. Hey! My name is Ming, I'm a 16-year old girl from Germany. I'm fluent in German and English and currently learn Mandarin Chinese (both simplified and traditional Characters). I also speak French to a B1-B2ish level, and have some chunks of Polish in my repertiore, but I never actively studied these languages and don't really pursue any goals in them. I come from a multilingual background, with my Mom being from Poland, and though I never actively learned Polish, I of course picked up some phrases over the years. It's not even conversational fluency, just some words and phrases that somehow
  3. Hey! Well, since I'm new here and German is my native language, I thought I'd make myself useful by posting a couple of my favourite German Idioms! Here they come: 1. Der frühe Vogel fängt den Wurm! Literal translation: The early bird catches the worm! Use: There a two main uses of this one. The first one is to get kids out of bed (Anna, steh auf! Der frühe Vogel fängt den Wurm!) and the second one to ridicule people who simply came to late to something or acted to slowly to secure a benefit/position for them. The early birds all handed in their applications for a great new position early, b
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