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  1. Oh goodness.. don't remind me about TOEFL. I scored it but it wasn't something I'd like to take again lol! The way it's designed it to make you think about how complex a particular sentence is and it would give you one heck of a headache and take you up on a merry-go-round before you figure out your answer was correct but you just had to rephrase it to suit what needs to be written/said in the test. The easiest was the hearing test... the writing was hell for me because it was so confusing. Best tip for you here is to get a text book and read the first 5 - 10 pages of the tips. I actually d
  2. Honestly, I believe it should but must be contained and broken down in a form which enables the student to grasp why, when and where they can use those sentences. As it is, nobody really speaks "formal" English anywhere anymore unless it's a business meeting which requires technical terms and proper vocabulary. But lately, people tend to think they can say anything with a slang and get away with it without realizing that to others, it could come off as a form of insult lol
  3. Hm yes there is Z in British English, though I do admit that the Americans did change their spelling and way of speaking to be their own style.
  4. I used to be nervous. And never mingled much. I stuck to my own circle of friends and yes we all did speak English well but problem is that our exposure was limited. After I entered university and of course, back when the internet first started and when I got my first PC, I started to join Yahoo groups to do roleplay and write stories from my favourite stories and movies. Mostly animation! It works btw!
  5. Yes I do. I come from a country where our native tongue is Malay but I speak fluent English due to the fact that I'm English educated. My international friends tend to compliment me for my English and are usually surprised when they hear me speak as I do not have an accent.
  6. As much as I speak with an American accent and use a lot of their slangs, I prefer the British English. In a nutshell, it sounds more elegant and proper and doesn't sound so harsh.
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