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  1. Hi Guys! There is a brand new, free app that lets you learn Chinese through bite sized - trending stories from China Social Media! Check out here - http://apple.co/1GHb3De Key Features: - Authentic, interesting and current stories happening right now in China - Easily switch them between Chinese and English - Audio for entire articles and individual words to assist with pronunciation - Customized word list to collect your favorite word -Archives so you can easily see past stories as well! As for the Android version, it is still under development. But please follow the Facebook page: htt
  2. Isn't this mean a responsibility, that you have to do something and cant defy ?
  3. Really nice app. Love to see few more languages added to the list.
  4. Its good to see a thread for Hindi here. @ Ayesha - The first sentence should be - bus ruki hai. Any vehicle is considered as feminine gender in Hindi
  5. My Favorite one is Atlas Shrugged by Ann Rand. For me its the book of a lifetime.
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