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  1. I don't think Chinese will replace English as the most spoken language all over the world. There are some reasons: 1.The popularisation of English is certainly one of the most important part of the globalisation. Its status will be solid in at least 20 years; 2.English is in general easier to learn, compared with Chinese. I mean IN GENERAL!(cause some have opposite ideas to it)In a way, it means that it's more efficient to become in proficiency in English; 3.English shares a similar alphabet with a lot of languages, while Chinese uses an unique writing system. Although Englis has been through
  2. I occasionally found Linguaholic when searching "language forum" by bing, and as I've read quite a few topics I found that it's just I was longing for for ages. Wish I have a great time here :wacky: and make progress by sharing great ideas of learning languages with U!!! 偶然在bing输入“语言论坛”时发现了Linguaholic(语言狂),并且当我浏览了一些帖子之后,我发现这就是我一直想要的。希望自己能在这里玩的开心 :wacky:并和大家分享语言学习经验中不断进步!!!
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