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  1. I prefer british English. Scottish English to be precise. I don`t like the "R" sound in the other forms of English. But if I had to decide between English of England and American English I`d choose American English because it`s articulated more clearly. (from what i`ve experienced) In England I met quite a lot of people that were very hard to understand, in America on the other hand people all over the nation were easy to understand.
  2. Hi, I know this reply is way to late, but I can`t let this false information stay uncommented. Å gjøre noen en bjørnetjeneste In German we say: "Jemandem einen Bärendienst erweisen" Nr. 4 is only known to me as "Elefant im Porzellanladen" .... Maybe what weltschoendenker mentioned is a version that is used locally.
  3. That`s a pretty difficult question... I suggest learning basic vocabulary and sentence structure first. After that make sure to not get lost in the grammar. Quite a lot of Germans can`t even talk proper German. They mix up cases, conjugate verbs incorrectly etc. I am convinced that the best approach is that you start using the language as soon as possible. Search a German to talk to. Watch German TV shows and most importantly: read a lot of books If you have to look up a lot of words when reading is no problem at all. (at least if it doesn`t bother you to much) Trust me, you`ll do a lot
  4. Hi there I`m a law student from Switzerland. I love learning languages and have always tried to broaden my horizon. My goal is to speak as many languages as I`m interested in learning in order to work as an advocat for as many people as possible. I developed some pretty interesting techniques for learning languages which I`ll share in some other posts. As you may or may not know, Switzerland is the european country with the most foreigners. So the variety of languages here is really overhelming. My native language is Swiss-German. The language I mastered is German, which is pretty easy for
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