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  1. Sorry for the late response but indetify the double consonants in a talked conversation is quite easy I guess. Just pay attention at extended sounds and you should be able to get them quite easly but as a native speaker I can't really talk for the others.
  2. HI guys, I am new to the forum and I am native Italian speaker but I consider myself quite fluent in English too and currently struggling learning German for job purposes. See you around! :grin:
  3. Most of the time yes, I used to write on paper or maybe to repeat what it is written in order to practice with the speaking part as this enchance the learning of the language and boost also the time of learning which isn't something that I would underate.
  4. I prefer honestly learning a language online for the simple matter of the simplicity that it takes to complete tasks or maybe to search for a specific term or even an entire phrase. Offline makes the whole thing more complicated if you're stuck.
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