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  1. I have been hearing this expression "Vabbene" a lot in Italian and i know that it means Okay or Fine, but i am just willing to know now its vocabulary meaning, i mean is it composed of two nouns and the whole meaning is Okay, or the whole word means Okay.
  2. Well i can almost assure you that if you entice them to start reading books at home that will improve their writing level in a magical way, by the way i still remember what an English teacher used to told us quoted "reading is magic" but it's not instant because it takes some time and the good thing is that it works. Giving them the same books to read will make them excited to compete against each other, and they should make you a written summary after reading each book, you will notice how their levels are improving.
  3. When you ask a direct question you don't change the main verb, it has to be in the infinitive with just removing "to", what you change is the verb "To do" in the beginning of the direct question, here is what i mean: In the simple present tense: You should use "Does" with only the subjects "He" or "She" or "It" and for the all the other subjects you use "Do". Does he go to school? Does it work that way? Does she see a doctor? Do you have a cellphone? Do they see it? For the past tense, you use only "Did" in the beginning of the question with all subjects and without changing the main verb. Did you see her yesterday? Did he read a book last week?
  4. To be honest with you guys, i no longer use any dictionary anymore because carrying my mobile phone with just one app does everything for me, so whenever i am reading a book at work i just unlock my cellphone and look up any word on my app dictionary, i can even get examples and translation in my native tongue, and i think that's better than any traditional dictionary book. The benefits that those apps brought to us is that you don't have to carry heavy dictionaries with you whenever you go, because when i was in high school i used to bring them with me whenever i was studying a foreign language and that made me very exhausted because all of the pounds that i was carrying in my back.
  5. I started studying Italian a few weeks ago and as i am very excited to practice what i learned, i am looking for books that can help me and guide me through Italian grammar, in particular i want books that include lessons and exercises as well as solutions for these exercises. i found a lot of books being sold on the internet but i don't know which ones are good for me and for my level as a beginner, so that makes me a little bit confused on what to get.
  6. Nice one... that made me think a lot and laugh hard at the same time because i don't know why a number like that one in particular is fearful, well for me i just hate that number because they say it's the number of the devil but i don't know whether it has some other meanings for people to fear it.
  7. Right... and "Personne" can also be placed in the beginning but as in English when you place "Personne" "Nobody" in the beginning, you don't put negation after just like the following example: Personne peut savoir. Nobody can know.
  8. J'ai besoin de me baser sur la grammaire Francaise parce que la grammaire est la base de tous les langues, meme si je peux parler Francais avec peu de difficulates, je voudrais juste savoir c'est quoi les livres en anglais que je peux lire pour avoir un bon niveau et pour perfectioner mon language oral.
  9. Before starting learning Italian i was very confused because i didn't know if i should pick Spanish or Italian as a fourth language, but after thinking about it i decided that Italian would be good for me since it sounds more classy and it sounds more like singing when speaking it. The good news is that i have already started leaning it and i am really enjoying it, but i should focus more on practicing it, so you will see me more often in Italian threads.
  10. Ne t'inquiéte pas, ca va etre un peu difficile au debut mais tu vas t'habituer peu a peu, de temps a autre essayez de lire des livres en Francais pour s'ameliorer, et regardez des films Français sous-titrés. Au fais, tu vas vivre dans quelle ville en France?
  11. Perfect! Thank you for providing us with some of the most used phrases in Hindi, i think now i am going to better understand Hindi movies and series without having to read the subtitles again and again.
  12. I have just checked out that website and to be honest i don't think that it is very professional because as i can notice the owners of the website didn't give some of their time to improve it, well the design is the proof, it simply doesn't encourage new people to sign up, maybe their lessons might be good and interesting but the first impression that i got when i first opened the website is that it is not very professional.
  13. For you as a beginner in French, i would suggest you to download easy listening songs, because they are very understandable and the French that is used in that genre of music isn't very hard, so i am going to give you two French artists that will help you improve your understanding of French who are Francoise Hardy and Dalida, you can also try Edith Piaf, who is loved by most of French people.
  14. We all know that French is a very rich language that contains a lot of long words, so today as i was surfing the internet i found a very long French word which is "anticonstitutionnellement" that many people use in politics which means that it is not adaptable to the constitution. There are still a lot of words like that, which are very long in French, so will you share with us the longest French words that you guys know from your knowledge?
  15. I understand Martee, of course in order to read Arabic subtitles on the screen, you will have to know at least how to read Arabic letters and that is the minimum, so it is better to start reading some books first or take courses for beginners and when you start reading it and understanding it, then those TV subtitles can help you learn more.
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