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  1. I chose the languages that I've been learning because I felt attracted to their culture. Also because I feel they will give me bigger job opportunities.
  2. In the case of the country where I live, we take the new words and write it as we think they would sound in our native language.
  3. I think it gives yo an insight into the culture of that language you're currently learning, but that's all, in my opinion. I wouldn't use movies alone as a way of learning, it can be helpful to learn the context and use of some words.
  4. Yeah I think half of the english vocabulary that I know, I learned it because of the music that I usually listen to.
  5. Yes! I have some Edith Piaf, love her. I think my most listened genre is Pop and Indie Pop.
  6. Practice, practice, practice! The first classes are difficult, but you have to study and you'll get used to it. Try to read the classes beforehand and look up for words that you don't understand, so the day of the class you are not that lost.
  7. Amélie! And I'm so glad I watched it because it was the film that made me fall in love with French .
  8. Becasue I'm very lazy about studying sometimes, I'd have to say writing. Just because of the process of learning all the new words, vocabulary, sentence structures, conjugations... Like there are so many things regarding writing that you have to learn first in order to read and speak properly a new language.
  9. French for sure. Even english can be very attractive, to me, with a a french accent. Spanish can be very romantic and quite lovely to listen to, especially in music.
  10. Mine are very cliché lol. Just mom (mamá), I've always been a momma's boy .
  11. I always used to believe I was the only one who had thoughts in that language! I do this all the time, and also turning off subtitles because sometimes I get annoyed by them.
  12. I would love to, but I don't know... It can come off as being snob, to be honest. I always try to adapt my english depending on the situations I encounter myself in.
  13. I don't do shorcuts and always try to have a good grammar, but I use acronyms a lot. I don't think that's a bad thing though, it's part of texting culture in my opinion.
  14. Music helped so much when I was starting to learn English, and I have no idea about any french music artists. Do you guys have any music recommendations that could get me more into French? Could be any genre, as long as it is easy to listen to.
  15. I would also love to learn Russian. I dont' know, it has always fascinated me. And when I'm done learning Russian I would like to learn Japanese or Korean because I love their cultures. I think that in order to learn a new language you have to love its culture first.
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