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  1. Thanks Trellum for your comment, it's encouraging. Trellum, I agree with your statement, my grammar isn't perfect. I strongly believe the objective of writing is to communicate in simple terms for the layman to understand.
  2. Thanks Canadien And Rosa for your explanation.
  3. I've been writing English for over forty years, actually from KG. I wrote my university exams in English and passed. I do write articles on some content sites, however, I can't understand it when someone tells me my grammar is poor. I think it's an insult especially when I write in English everyday. Thanks
  4. I think it depends on the individual. I like silent reading but as a teacher, I noticed my students when asked to read aloud don't really comprehend what they've learnt. They only read to impress others. Thanks
  5. I teach High school and elementary students English Composition(in Africa) . I noticed they have difficulty in creative writing. Why is that or is there a better method I can use? Thanks
  6. women are emotional and men are logical. Learning a language is dependant on two factors, determination and desire to learn. The gender factor is not a determinant. Thanks
  7. Hiya! I'm hotnicey- that's my username:I live in Ghana. I speak English fluently and I'm currently learning French.
  8. Hello, I just signed. The idea of having a badge is great:adding trophies for the highest contributors will be ideal. Thanks
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