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  1. I'm sorry, I have no Idea what they mean. The language is sounds pretty cool though. Is it an Asian or Middle Eastern language?
  2. In Spanish it would be: Lies: Mentiras And: y Slander : Calumnias Mentiras y Calumnias!
  3. I don't think the reverse translation will work with a lot of languages, specially if you are trying to translate the words literally. The translated sentences will be either senseless or will lose their true meaning along the way. There are colloquialisms in every language that can not be translated literally, reverse or not.
  4. Wow! This is a true mystery! I just finished looking at your link and this has to be the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. I don't know what language the message is written in, but it looks strangely familiar. It looks like writing I saw a few years back in a Discovery Channel Special, I think it was about the Celts but I'm not sure. Maybe if you reach out to Discovery they could help you out. The best of luck to you.
  5. Hi I joined this site over the weekend and hadn't taken the time to introduce myself. I'm totally in love with this website. If I would of known about it, I would of joined a long time ago. In regards to me, my name is Michelle, I'm currently living in the island of Puerto Rico located in the Caribbean. I'm fluent in both English and Spanish, have a intermediate level of French and I'm very interested in learning Brazilian Portuguese and Hurdu. In the past I've had experience as an English tutor and it was a very rewarding experience to see my students grow in front of my eyes; to see them slowly turning into English speakers.
  6. I group up in a biracial home, so I grew up speaking both English and Spanish. While English was easier to get any point across, Spanish was used in our household to express with emotion. Any time my mom wanted to scold us, curse at us, or say I love you, she would do so in Spanish. Trust me if any of you have Hispanic mothers and have ever been threatened with a "chancleta" (sandal) in rapidly spoken Spanish, you know what I'm talking about. It's hilarious.
  7. Although I believe that it's better to introduce foreign languages in the early years of a person's life, I think a person can learn a new language at any age. I'm 32, and learning my third language. I think the upside of learning a new language when you are older is that you have the knowledge and experience to more easily develop techniques and mnemonic devices to help you learn any language faster.
  8. I have gone though the experience of learning a new language myself, and my advise is to start with the basics. It might sound silly but start out with colors, places, animals, foods, family etc. Mix it up with the general introductions and grammar. You can find free books online where you can see how Russian is taught from the ground up. Below I've included some Android apps websites that can be very useful for you, and will help your ear get acquainted with the Russian language. Good luck! SpeakEasy Russian App by Pocketglow Inc. Learn Russian App by WagMob.com Russian Flashcards by Movable Tech Russian Audio Flash Cards by Declan Software Audio Collins Mini Gem English-Russian & Russian-English Dictionary Youtube.com
  9. My reason for learning French was career wise. I lived in Dominican Republic (island in the Caribbean) for several years, and was studying law there. Even though it is a mostly Spanish speaking country, its Civil Code is Napoleonic. Therefore, anyone studying Law, had to study French as a prerequisite to graduating. I've since graduated, but still continue to study French. It's just such a beautiful language, and hey the more languages you know, the better.
  10. In my opinion writing when you are learning a new language is essential. It helps you memorize things easier and overall helps you retain the information longer. Besides, if you are already taking the time and putting in the work into learning a new language, you might as well embrace all it's aspects (grammar, speaking, reading, writing, spelling etc.). I come from a biracial family so I have 2 native tongues, Spanish and English. I'm currently learning a third language; French. Something that really helps me remember new vocabulary is creating mnemonic devices. Now, Spanish and French are both Romance tongues so I find a lot of words in Spanish that help me remember the words in French. Even though English is a Germanic tongue, I have been able to find words in English that help remember the new vocabulary in French.
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