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  1. I am very curious about this as well. I found a great textbook that is useful for when I have time to learn at home but what I really would love is an app so I can use my free time when on buses or waiting for friends to learn a few words! I think the Talk To Me In Korean website sounds really good! I will check it out!
  2. I LOVE that fact about German! It's a language I learned at school but have forgotten much of. I would like to try and pick it up again though. My native language is English but I want to talk about Korean instead. I recently returned from working there and I find the language very cool. Chinese characters were widely used until King Sejong decided in the 1400s to introduce a new alphabet. He did this with the aim of getting all Koreans to learn to read and write. The Korean language has 28 letters and each one has a set sound (with few exceptions). I learned the alphabet in a very short space of time and can read Korean quite well. It's understanding what the words mean that is tricky!
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