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  1. Good topic Trellum! I am a native Spanish speaker, who learnt English at school. I also studied Italian for two years, but I didn't feel confortable with the teacher so I quite. And four years ago my husband and I moved to Brazil so I had to learnt Potuguese. In my case: Spanish - Native Speaker Portuguese- C2 English- C2-C1 (If I am not in touch with the language, I start to lose vocabulary and other things). Italian- A1 (But, I am going to study again soon).
  2. Thank you, linguaholic! Yes... that's true. About the grammar... it seems to be so similar.. but it is not. Both are very different although they have equivalents in all tenses. Except for a time named pluperfect compound, there's not an exact equivalent in Sapanish. The pronunciation is not the same. And the accent are also different.In Spanish we have only one, but in Portuguese they have many types.
  3. Well... I learnt English at school with books, videos and teachers. But, the big challenge for me was to learn portuguese being an adult. My husband and I had to move to Rio de Janeiro in 2012. I'd never been interested about learning Portuguese before... but I had to: we were living and working there. Portuguese seems to be easy for a Spanish speaker, but that's not so true. (Advantage: Portuguese is very similar to Spanish. Disadvantage: Portuguese is very similar to Spanish.) At first, people tried to be friendly with me because they thought they could learn Spanish just by talking to me. But, as soon as they realized that that was imposible, I lost many friends. Nobody wanted to practice with me. So, I bought a Grammar book, a good dictionary and I started to watch TV. I also tried to find a Portuguese course, but I had no luck. I hightly recommend studying grammar when you want to learn a new language. That's the basis. Once I knew the grammar and the theory, I contacted an Spanish teacher in Rio de Janeiro and asked him to help me with my oral Poruguese. I learnt Portuguese in 3 months and then I took the CELPE-BRAS exam. I got an advanced certification. That's my experience.
  4. Hi everybody!! My name is Gabriela, I am a native Spanish speaker looking for a native English speaker. It doesn't matter if your spanish is basic or advanced, I can help you. I also speak portuguese fluently. I lived an entire year in Brazil. If you are interested... let me know!
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