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  1. If you love linguistics, writing, reading and other aspects of the written word, then, your learning process will be much easier. I am also studying English, but I really love it, and when I stop learning, I get some unpleasant feeling in my chest, as though something is missing. As you can see the love is my main motivation, and it is pushing me forward all the time. My day becomes much better, when I realize that I improved my language skills. What can be better than that?
  2. I started learning English by reading small and simple articles, which was often part of some newspapers. According to my experience, I found that English newspapers have been using the simplest possible words. Quickly, I advanced and began reading short stories and even books. I am not sure what language you learn, but I suppose it is Chinese. Unfortunately, I have not read their newspapers, because I do not understand even a word of Chinese. But, I suggest persistent reading, and you will slowly learn word by word. It is totally natural that you do not understand all words, because you are still in the learning process.
  3. Of course, I must agree with the statement. I have tried that on myself and everything I have achieved so far has been completed through permanent and persistent practice. Reading was my first and most important discipline with which I have learned to write and speak. However, these days I write much more than I read, because I am pretty good at that now. And I would always recommend to anyone who want to learn a foreign language that reading may be the most important part of the learning process. If you have some basic understanding, choose favorite books and start.
  4. Modern technologies might have a very positive influence on our lives, if we want and know how to use them. When I say this, I especially think about the Internet and all its aspects. In only one minute, we can log into our computers and find teachers from another countries or continents. And it can significantly improve our possibilities to learn foreign language quickly. If you know English as Serbian than you should try to teach others, otherwise, I would not suggest you. I am talking about this from my personal angle, because I love to achieve perfection. Of course, we are all different, so you should consider other opinions from this thread. Our ancestors did not have the privilege that we have now, and they needed to learn the hard way. We should be very grateful for the opportunities that we have, and Skype is also one of them. The life would be harder without it, and learning as well.
  5. I am in a process of English language learning. My current level is C1, and I am advancing to desirable C2 level. However, when I completely finish this journey with English, I am planning to learn one more foreign language. And I think it would be best that I choose a language, which is similar to English, because it would be the easiest way to learn the next one. So, I want to ask English native speakers, what is the most similar language to your native one? Do you have some idea about it?
  6. It is completely impossible to learn foreign language for 10 days or three months. This is just an illusion or desire, so I would not trust anyone who could say that he did it during that period. One may learn some basic things for a few months, but to learn one foreign language well, he will need to invest a few years, not months. I know, it would be much better, if we would have capabilities to learn it quickly, but I am realistic and aware that it is impossible. I do not want to lie myself and others, because I do not have anything of that. But there are some quick schemes, similar to those "Get rich in a three day," but you will only lose your money with them. In return you will get nothing.
  7. Learning another language is a great way to increase your incomes. Many companies from different parts of our planet have high demands for bilingual people. So that can be a nice opportunity, beside many other positive things that go together with the knowledge. But if you decide to learn from zero, you must have in a mind that it is very long and difficult process, and you will need a lot of time and patience to complete it successfully. But at the end, you will realize, it was worth the effort.
  8. I would not agree with your opinion, because I think the writing is the hardest part of a learning process. I know many people who know to speak some foreign language, but when they try to write, it looks pretty terrible. Writing demands wider knowledge, which is not necessary for speaking. To write English, you must know grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and many other things that is not necessary for talking. And you must know to speak if you want to learn writing, while you cannot learn writing if you do not have any clue about desired language. So you will first start to speak some words, and after that, to write them.
  9. The best and the quickest way to learn foreign language is to go to a country where that is a native language. Then, you will be surrounded by that language, hearing it all the time. I have some friends, who learn totally unknown language very quickly, only because they lived in foreign countries with native speakers. My good friend learned Spanish, because he lived two years in Argentina. At the moment of arriving, he had a zero knowledge, and I think, he did not even know one word. Beside this, another good option is to go to school for foreign languages. With professors and other students, you will have a chance to learn whatever you want.
  10. Google Translate is a very useful tool, and when I forget some word in a foreign language, I come to it, and ask. Many of us here know very well how tricky might be writing a foreign language. Everything is different, words, sentence structure, punctuation... So one who writes should have a good knowledge and helpful tools. I have grown together with the translator, and it has served me as an online dictionary. I am aware, it has a problem to translate some complex sentences, but for basic things, it serves perfectly well. Some time ago, I joined as a volunteer to its developer community. Now I am helping and translating words and phrases for the tool.
  11. I have done an English ability test, and according to it, I am on C1 level, which means that I have advanced knowledge. I am satisfied with the fact that I moved pretty fast from B1 to B2 and from B2 to C1. However, I want to achieve perfection and move to C2 level, but thinking what is necessary for this step? As you probably know, C2 is the last level, and those who have that knowledge are considered as native speakers. There are many reasons why I want to achieve this, so I am interested, has anyone learned English from start to the end?
  12. They can really be useful to learn some words or even sentences. But, if you want some deeper, wider knowledge, then you must do much more than just listening songs. I will tell you from my personal experience of non native English speaker that reading different books in English has had a decisive influence on my knowledge abilities. But I read a lot, and I am still doing it. The Internet is a very good resource, where you can find all sorts of literature totally free of charge. And according to this, today is much easier to learn foreign language than sometime in the past.
  13. Bokyy


    Hi Carlyarn23! Thank you for your opinion, I appreciate ti. As a native speaker, you are very qualified to say who is good, and who is not. Because of that your opinion is important to me. My native language is Serbian from small country in Eastern Europe. I hope English will become my second native language, but who knows... I want to wish you a warm welcome also. You are new here, just like me. It is very good that you are a part of this great forum. We will be in touch.
  14. The best way to learn foreign language is to go in countries where that language is official. I have been learning English a few years, and have C1 level, but I want to improve my knowledge, and achieve C2 level. So I am planning to go in English speaking areas, where I can use English in everyday life. Now I am living in Eastern Europe, far away from native speakers, and I can learn English only from the Internet or books. It is still okay, but it is not enough to achieve proficiency level.
  15. Bokyy


    I want to say hello everyone! This forum looks very interesting for me. Learning a foreign language is not an easy task, so we need support, and it is a spot where this forum comes in. English is not my native language, but I love it, and I am working every day to improve my knowledge, and achieve C2 level. Beside of learning, I am also open to new people, fun, and friendship. I know that we can learn a lot from each other, and I hope we will have a good time here.
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