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  1. Hmm I use to want to learn this really rare language as a child, but for the life of me I can not remember the name of it.. anyways I am really interested in Ancient Egypt and would love to learn the Ancient Egyptian Language.
  2. YES! I have given up many times, one time I was to the point that I literally thought I would never be able to learn any type of language, this was not true but just that my heart and focus was no in the learning. I have given up but that doesn't mean I won't try again.
  3. I think at point in my life I am only now semi dedicated to learning a language, I think it is becasue I just have a lot going on right now to just really sit down and focus the time I need to on learning.
  4. Yes it is how the system works, I have to say I absolutely LOVED my Spanish teacher and she did try really hard but just the setting of school and know you are expected to pass puts pressure on people, at least it did on me.
  5. I agree, I was more worried about passing the classes then anything.
  6. I think i can say I am semi dedicated. I think this is becasue I have failed to learn languages many times in the past when I have put a lot of effort in. I am trying to think of ways to help me learn better this time around, from the problems I had in the past.
  7. I have used google translation many times and most times with success. Sometimes though it does translate things wrong and it has problems but it is overall okay and good in my experience.
  8. Just curious what tools you use that are not internet based, I have a hard time learning language using the computer. Any suggestions? I am wanting to learn Spanish.
  9. Yes, I have gave up learning a language before, its becasue I have a hard time learning language, I have gave up learning Korean now. I lived in South Korea for 3 years and really did try to learn the language but I failed and only learned a few sayings.
  10. I tried really hard in school, but i was never able to grasp language as i did other subjects, now I did good in all my language classes but I never was about to really learn it. I have always had a hard time learning languages and that is why I joined this forum.
  11. Unfortunately I think that language will die out more and more. I think it is because he world is sharing more and more with each other and finding it easier to communicate is certain languages, this is no necessarily a bad thing but I am worried that cultural will die out with it.
  12. I am learning a new language to learn about more other cultures and I am planning on traveling a lot and want to be able to understand where I am going, and to communicate clearly.
  13. My dog is named Kimchi, we got him in South Korea when we were living over there. I have no idea why we called him that when he was a puppy but that is what we decided. If you don't know what kimchi is it is a spicy fermented aged cabbage/ sometimes other vegetables. I always joke yes this is my dog kimchi and he is spoiled rotten. haha
  14. I have encountered bad translation on products before. Truthfully it does not bother me that much, due to the fact that it is probably wrong becasue the company is not familiar with the language. Is it right to translate something wrong and put on a product, no probably not but I feel like they are not doing on purpose.
  15. I it can be very confusing, I truly think that to be fluent in a language you have to understand someone that is fluent in the language you are studying and be able to reply. I do not think I will ever get to that point but I hope.
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