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  1. Teachers have great influence on young minds. I think the most influential people in life apart from your parents are teachers. So this means a lot of responsibility of molding you into a better human being lies with your teachers.
  2. I don't think that I use any language when I think. Thinking is like an inbuilt sense and I have never felt any need to use words to communicate with myself. So this sounds pretty illogical to me. Don't know about anyone else though.
  3. I think its a very good idea to teach children foreign languages at an early age. Learning another language automatically add a new dimension in your educational avenues. I was very young when I started learning English and it has helped me study a whole new culture apart from mine. I have a wealth of wisdom in my access because I was made to learn the language.
  4. In my view poor grammar makes the sentence look unnatural. Poor grammar hinders the flow of the sentence. It makes it look ugly. A sentence could have amazing use of vocabulary but poor grammar makes it look like a tall, handsome man dress in the best tuxedo but with his nose on his forehead.
  5. The best way to learn a language is to learn the basic structure first. Then what you should do is get a dictionary of that language and also some literature of that language and start reading, working your way through the literature with the help of the dictionary. This way you will learn the language while having a lot of fun.
  6. Creative writing is a test not only of your language proficiency but also your creative skills. Having an ability to create is honed with continuous practice. Students must be allowed to let their imaginations soar for them to be able to become creative.
  7. Yes writing is a more formal mode of communication as compared to speaking. Also writing remains pretty much the same across larger area with same language but you might find several ways of speaking in different areas with the same language. For example majority of USA's population writes English the same way but you will find several accents in different parts of the country.
  8. Reading is the best way to learn a language. Remember learning a language is a time taking task. You cannot learn a language as quick as you can learn a theory in physics or history of an ancient city. You have to invest time and read a lot to learn a language.
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