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  1. I have been teased about my Boston accent but not really mocked per se. At times when I have met native Russian speakers and have greeted them in Russian, I have been complimented on my pronunciation and accent which makes me feel good! I think one of the most important parts of any language is the accent, it adds authenticity and relatability. If someone mocks your accent, perhaps they are insecure or just don't know how to relate to people outside their own circle.
  2. I think it's really neat how so many languages have two ways of saying "I love you" (one for a romantic partner and the other for a close friend etc.). Even though many of my relatives are Italian, I didn't know how to say "I love you" until reading this thread so thank you Mameha for teaching me! As an American, I know how to say "I love you" and even though there is no other way to say it in English, I think what makes it different from when we say it to a love interest versus the way it's said to your son or daughter is HOW it's said or delivered through body language. The only other way I know how to say "I love you" is in Russian (Ya libloo tibya). As far as I know, as in English this is the only way although that seems a little odd as Russian does break down other words in a male or female, familiar or unfamiliar structure. A thread like this shows me (as if I didn't really know already LOL!) that there are many things about languages I should know but have yet to learn! For instance being of Italian/Russian heritage but only knowing a few words, being Jewish but not knowing how to say "I love you". I guess the universal way to show affection is with a smile, everyone understands that.
  3. I agree that cursive writing is become lost to time and it doesn't bother me a bit, lol! Sure it looks fancy but some people have such sloppy handwriting that you'd practically need a decoder wheel to know what they wrote. As was stated above, short hand makes taking notes easier and teachers are probably more focused on just trying to get today's kids to use proper grammar and speak good English. Although, if cursive writing is forgotten completely, what will happen when one needs to sign a check or sign their signature on a business form etc.?
  4. Very interesting! It's neat to know so many of us have dreams or parts of dreams about the various languages we're learning or have learned. I have been studying mostly Russian off and on throughout my life but recently for the first time have had someone in my dream speaking to me in Russian (some of which I couldn't understand) and have seen objects with Russian letters on them. I have just chalked this up to my creative imagination and free flowing dream state but perhaps it's something more. Too bad I don't remember more of the spoken words or letters I've seen, perhaps it's some kind of message I'm getting!? Sweet dreams friends.
  5. Dear russian_pianist, Thank you for your informative post on how to say goodbye. I knew only two ways (since I don't have Russian letters on my keyboard I'll have to list them in English) 1. paka 2. dosvedanye I never knew that there were different sayings and friendlier ways to bid your goodbyes, I guess I have a lot to learn! Spaceeba! (thank you!)
  6. Just throwing my two cents in here. I suppose from what some of you have said, it's possible to forget one's own native language but that might be because of some of the reasons previously mentioned. Perhaps they are pretending to have forgotten, they assimilated to a new culture when very young and or have not spoken their native language in so long that they forget most of it. I have to admit, I find it hard to believe that someone could forget an entire language they once spoke fluently but I guess anything is possible, who can say for sure?
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