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  1. I never consider myself to be done. The moment I stop striving to get better is the moment I get worse. Even my own native language takes a lot of effort and energy in order to keep up to date with. We are ever evolving and ever learning. So in learning a foreign language I can never really say I've completed that task. It is possible however to reach a master level.
  2. I believe it is the cultural difference that will make the difference in my marriage. We would always be learning something new from each other and the spark would not go out. Our children will be born until a melting pot of cultures therefore.
  3. That's very funny. Buying a language in order to meet love.... If that were possible... Only if...
  4. I've always dreamed of falling in love with a Spanish speaker. This was partly due to the lovely lady that taught me Spanish in high school. But all is not lost. It just hasn't happened as yet.
  5. Being able to speak is linked back with your ability to hear. When you are a quick learner in terms of hearing then you would also be able to speak properly. At least that's just my theory. So those who are able to write are actually good at reading.
  6. Russia is a big Country and to have the Russian language etched in your brain is an asset. But like you said, you can always learn it sometime in the future. As long as there is life there is hope.
  7. My native language is English and even that language has quite a lot about it that you have to learn. I'm very passionate about English language and I want to be able to express myself in any situation to any specific group of people. You have to appeal both to the intellectual as well as to the naive. In Spanish I was doing the best in my classes from seventh grade to when I left high school. I remember getting a lot of 100%s my exams. I never gave up ever.
  8. As a Caribbean native I speak Creole. English language is also a major language in my country. I remember in my mid teenage years I would force myself to learn a lot of words in my language. I read extensively and I realized the impact it had on my brain. I was sharper and more alert than the other persons within my class when it came on to the English language. So yes I am able to understand most words in the language of English and whatever words I'm not familiar with I can always use contextual clues to understand them.
  9. I do think that whatever language you dream in doesn't really matter. The fact is that we all will understand what we are dreaming about no matter what language we're dreaming in. It's amazing how creative our mind spaces are though... I've learned so much from my dreams and I've even gotten information about people in my dreams.
  10. I've dreamt of scenarios in which I spoke Spanish. Those dreams were the best and they especially kept flooding in when I was studying for my major Spanish exams. The dreams were so vivid and real and I felt as though I understood everything that was being discussed in the Spanish dialect. When I woke up I was so disappointed because I felt as though I wanted to stay in the dream in order to continue to build my Spanish knowledge.
  11. Thank you for that information. You saved me the time and effort of getting the dictionary. So catsup is the same as ketchup in English.
  12. I was wondering if you were talking about "catchup" as in when you try to get up to speed and in progress with what ever your focus is. Its my first time seeing the word catsup. Thanks for sharing.
  13. I really don't know why the English language has to be so complicated. We don't even get to pronounce the words the way they are spelled. As an English learner you have to ensure that you listen a lot. Reading and doing your own interpretation can be very dangerous to learning.
  14. This is a very simple word but sometimes we put 1 h instead of two: Withhold.
  15. No doubt that the American accent and language is well sought after by many third world countries. I was grown in the Queen's English environment however So I most definitely am used to standard English and the British accent. The accent has a commanding presence about it.
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