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  1. I believe that actually language learning apps should be used as 'tools' to facilitate language learning in class and online with a teacher. They can make the whole experience much more interactive and interesting for the learner. You cannot underestimate how much technology can help with things like this! Immerse yourself in language - immerse-app.com
  2. I agree that you can learn a language anywhere and especially with the technology available to us nowadays it is getting easier and easier. It is about really immersing yourself in the language you are learning. Getting involved and technology allows us to do this more and more with more interactive experiences! However, I think that learning a language is more than just learning. You need to immerse yourself in that culture. You really underestimate what that can do for your confidence and language skills. I spent an entire year working in Argentina and learned how the Argentinians work and
  3. I definitely think that language learning apps facilitate the language learning process. Obviously it shouldn't be the only way that you learn a language, however I believe that we should make the most of the technology available to make the experience more interactive, rather than sticking purely to course books focused too much on grammar! It is about immersing yourself in the language and I think technology aids this. Going to the country, if plausible, is also essential! Look to the future! Immerse yourself in language - immerse-app.com
  4. I have been learning Spanish at school and university for 10 years and after having spent the last year living and working in Buenos Aires, I finally reached the pinnacle of my Spanish language learning. I was fluent, or so I thought! A month after I returned to England I found myself losing the fluency, obviously you may think, but you underestimate the confidence that comes when you get fluent! I was trying to assess this situation and how I could go about fixing it. I couldn't fly back out to Argentina or Spain for that matter, far too expensive and I have to finish my degree. I talk occas
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