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  1. I like swearing in any language. I think it is a fun way to start learning, especially in regards to grammar. Also, some languages have swear words that does not translate into any other language. So if you are a compulsive cusser like me, having the option of using exactly the right swear word for a given situation is oddly satisfying.
  2. This is something new to me yeah. You might want to make a short video or Vine everyday and post a link of it, so that people can get the pronunciation and tone right as well.
  3. The basic greeting is sawatdee krap/ka. If you are male you say krap, if you are female you say ka. Krap and ka is for politeness. If you want to ask how are you you can say sabai dee mai? The answer should usually be Sabai Dee. If they say Mai sabai then it means something is wrong.
  4. So, I am from South Africa, and my native language is Afrikaans. It is derived from Dutch and is so similar that an Afrikaans person and a Dutch person can communicate effectively. I just thought this thread would be fun to check the differences between the two languages. I will give an example dialogue in Afrikaans, then we can see how it comes out in Dutch, and just discuss the grammar around it. Goeie dag, my naam is Jan. Dagsê Jan, my naam is Piet. Hoe gaan dit met jou Piet? Dit gaan goed en daar, Jan? Dit gaan baie goed, dankie Piet.
  5. I'm living in Thailand now and I agree that the script sometimes does not make much sense. The most difficult part for me is the fact that their sentences have no spacing. Once you know the phonics though, it becomes so much easier.
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