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  1. I will try Windows version after I finish IOS
  2. Thanks RowdyRandy, Your encouragement is a huge boost to me. I will continue to improve it and help all Japanese users (including myself) ^^
  3. I think getting yourself exposed to the language everyday is the key to the success
  4. Thanks Blaveloper, I am also working on the ios version. Hope I can release it next year.
  5. Hi everyone,I recently launched an Android app which aims to help people improve their Japanese listening skills, especially for those who take JLPT. I want to get more feedback from Japanese learners so I can continue developing it and making it better and better. Pls give me some comment. ThanksThe app is free of charge. pls enjoy.here is the link in play storehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/detai...ls-reviews
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