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  1. I find spelling "receive" difficult. I end up spelling "recieve" around 80% of time time I write or type the word "receive". I think it's just me, the I get the "ei" mixed up and in the wrong order so it's "ie" (which is incorrect, as you know).
  2. I decided to take a look at the link and the list and I must say this list is very helpful, I thing I could learn a thing or two from this site so thank you for sharing.
  3. I think music is not a good way to learn Arabic, it is actually quite a distracting way, in my honest opinion. People who can sing Arabic are clearly people who know Arabic really well and people who tend to know their language really well, tend to speak really fast so it will be hard to understand the actually Arabic in the music (atleast for me).
  4. My mother tongue is Urdu so I am a fluent speaker of Urdu. Urdu is technically a mix of Punjabi, Putwari, Hindi & a bit of Arabic so if you know one of those languages, you are likely to understand Urdu slightly better. Nonetheless good luck with you studies and course work.
  5. I have quite a common idiom, which has been brought in animal form. "The cat kicked the bucket". I think the above is an effective idiom since if you kicked the bucket you would feel pain and it reflects that idea to death so the "cat passed away" (which is the real meaning of that idiom).
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