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  1. Ah, I agree so much. There are so many benefits to the human brain to learning a language early. I learned this in a linguistics class I took years ago and it has stuck with me for whatever reason. I want to make language learning a part of my life, although I've already kind of missed the time in life when it is most likely to stick. If you start learning a new language at a very early age (like 2-5), your brain has a greater capacity to keep the language. Also, kids who learn subjects in two or more languages will have an advantage in that area of study. They get better grades and have more success in school. On top of THAT, you can communicate with more of the world! I'm sad because the United States puts almost no emphasis on learning other languages, one of the many reasons why our public education kind of sucks. I'm not saying that you can't learn a new language as an adult... I don't think I could believe that. It's just much, much harder to learn to speak a new language fluently.
  2. Hello, everyone! I am from Colorado, and studied Integrative Physiology at the University of Colorado. In addition to my love of the human body and health in all its varieties, I have a deep curiosity about other languages! Right now, I'm learning Spanish, because I'm traveling in South America right now with and old college roommate. If anyone has good phrases/ words used commonly in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia or Chile, I'd love to hear them. Then, I'd like to move on to French. Let's talk!
  3. Hola, Gabriela! I want to speak Spanish fluently so bad! I already have a decent level of speaking and understanding, having traveled for many months in spanish speaking countries. I'm from Colorado, and would love to help you learn English. We could use skype. Let me know if your'e interested...we can switch off speaking English and Spanish every week or so. I hope to hear from you soon! Also, @sharkery, I'm sure we can get you in on some of that Spanish action, too!
  4. In my experience, short term travel definitely helps in language learning! Not as much as total immersion, of course, but you pick up important words and phrases used in the country itself (instead of just what you'd learn in class). I traveled for three months in Central America three years ago, and my Spanish improved immeasurably. I wasn't living somewhere were everyone speaks Spanish, I was on the go the whole time and staying in hostels where a lot of English was spoken. And still, I learned so much Spanish! There are also people who spend time in countries and don't learn a lick, but that's because they don't try. You just have to get out there and practice a bit.
  5. 1) Spanish - I've already learned so much Spanish and get so much pleasure out of speaking it. 2) French - so beautiful 3) Mandarin - I've never attempted a language in symbols, and this one would be useful for sure. 4) Quechua - Duuuh, you have to have some uncommon indigenous lanuage, too! 5) Mohawk - only the oldest in the Mohawk community still speak Mohawk. It will die with them!
  6. Actually, I think it's totally possible. I would not want to underestimate the power of speaking and thinking in another language. For example, other languages often have words that don't translate directly in English. So, if you are trying to explain something you think or feel, maybe your native tongue doesn't quite capture the emotion. Having knowledge of other languages, I believe, adds a facet of understanding to a person's mind. For example, it's been shown that learning math in multiple languages increases one's understanding of math itself. I don't have to reach far in my mind to imagine that decision making and perception can be heightened when done in a foreign tongue.
  7. Amazing! I'm so glad there's an outlet here for Latin learning. If you don't think it's a useful language, you don't have to look too far to realize you are mistaken. It has helped me greatly in my understanding of English. It also helped me in my physiology degree because so many scientific words are rooted in Latin. Thanks for doing this!
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