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  1. Wow what interesting info in this thread! Who would have ever thought that it came from a Chinese word for a totally different sauce? I wonder how this came to be? Hmmm I have seen both in spelling and on products but it never occurred to me that people would pronounce the two words differently! I have always pronounced it ketchup no matter how I see it spelled!
  2. Wow what a great site! From what I looked it, the conjugations are correct. However so much depends on the region you are in, some conjugations are hardly used. It's a grammar thing and seems there are variations no matter where you travel and some conjugations sound strange to people depending on where you are going. Kind of a cool site at least to check things though!
  3. That seems like a strange way to do it? However I taught my little brother to read when he was a baby. We had a lot of success with flashcards. I read that people learn to read more by looking at an entire word than by sounding it out, and it worked great! He was a great reader by the time he was 2 years old!
  4. Jeeez that sounds frustrating @Blaveloper ! I hate it when apps have these strange registration issues. This sounds like fun though, I'd love a way to practice Spanish with native speakers that I could do easily and from home. I'll have to see if I can try it, I have many email addresses I use for different things so perhaps there is an easy way to sign up?
  5. What an interesting idea. I think it would be worth trying to think through the problem in mind in a different language, it certainly could give you a new perspective on the issue. The more time thinking about an issue the better decision you can make on it, so I think there could definitely be some merit to this idea!
  6. @czarina84 Pablo Neruda is one of my favorite poets of all time. There are many additions of his poetry that have the English translation on one side and the original Spanish on the opposite side of the page. I love to read both versions and compare. I think my favorite collection is "Late and Posthumous Poems." Really lovely work. Great thread!
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