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  1. Hello! I come back to re-check my start up, and man, I thought I was late, but apparently I'm on time. I've joined here on Dec. 18, so, less than a month, but I've already seen 11% of the kanjidamage anki deck, which has a lot more characters than the original alphabet, right? with all his kanji and meaning and the radicals. so, I guess till june I can read some text? maybe? I've found some kanji that I know in some shows, but, couldn't make any sense of what the phrases meant... Anyway, I'm still studying 5~6 days a week, so I guess I can manage the 100% mark till december! But I would like some guidance here... I don't want to just use the anki app, do you guys know any kind of show or even a place I can use kanji subtitle? like, watch a english dub serie but with kanji as subtitle? also, would that help much?
  2. haha what a show off! Since I'll stop with wanikani midpoint anyway, I'll just stick with KD and Anki combo. Although it's less material than I'm used ot, but, I that with the information on 'how to kanji' it's best to focus on only one source.
  3. @Blaveloper man, I was hoping I would be able to fully use wanikani, the system really got my interest... oh well. Do you think would still be [time-consuming] useful to still do the only lv3 on wani kani? also, can I manage with just the KD and the anki app?
  4. Thank you so much Blaveloper! man, I'm having so much fun reading the 'kanji facts' section on KD, you don't even know! also, just finished to make my account on wanikani, and did the tour, the site and the system seems so professional! but I'm kinda afraid that I'll have to pay something in some part... like I live in brazil, and here a dolar it's worth 4 times the local currency, I basically can't afford nothing from other countries" (oAo)" Can clarify if there is any kind of service of those links you passed that I'll have to pay, and if so, how much? like, both look pretty essential, so if theres a moment I gotta pay to continue, maybe if save some money... I don't know, but I'm really motivated and feeling ready to start!
  5. So, just finished learning hiragana and katakana, reading and writing, got it all memorized. and with that, was my first goal. now, I'm just keep exercising for one day or two, but then will come the kanji phase... and for that I still don't know what to do. Should I try to learning how to write or just the reading? how do I first approach it? what articles should I read before starting it? Till now, I just have read some history, and some superficial stuff, I also got a app that show images and the kanji... but, I feel that it's completely different from my kana study. Well, how did you approached it and it worked? give me a light "(>__<)9
  6. just tested your app, and it's pretty good. saw on your topic that you're up for suggestions, so I made a quick .txt file. Do you have a place I can send it or post?
  7. Hope so, as I said I want to have all the hiragana and katakana memorized and written down on this monday. But I'm kinda slacking on the katakana part... gotta stop with the laziness and compensate the time this sunday!
  8. Thanks! Now that my first step it's done, just gotta commit and find some friends to get better together.
  9. Hello there, I'm Kesler, 20 years old and roughly employed at a shoe factory. Well... this is kinda embarassing... I started to learn japanese this week, and as my guides told me, going public about it its somewhat helpfull [hope so...]. as you can probably see, english isnt my first language. I'm not good at it, but I can at least order a pizza, right? Anyway, I already memorized hiragana and I'm finishing katana, I can write hiragana but didnt started with katakana. My goal its to start next week writing both as naturally as I can! Also, its my first time posting on a forum and stretching my english this far, although I already had long convos with a far far away friend, and play a lot of games, also most of my free time I spent on youtube, browsing good english chanels. So... If I'm doing something wrong please tell. Hope you all are having a great week, till later! bye. Keslersan
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