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  1. Chinese is defintely going to be the hardest. I'm learning both Korean and Japanese. I just started Japanese but I've known Korean for a while now. Koreans alphabet was easy to learn. But learning the grammar and formalities is tough, especially at first. Now, the Japanese alphabet is super hard. There's hiragana and katagana. Then there's kanji. They use more chinese symbols than Korean does. So it's really hard to remember everything but I think that forming sentences in Japanese is a lot easier than Korean - WAY less conjugation, if that makes sense. As far as I know (I'll romanize): Japanese 'i love you': aishitaru Korean 'I love you': who are you talking to? someone younger than you or your best friend or significant other? sarang maybe just a tiny bit more formal to someone close? saranghae talking to someone you need to show a little more respect to? saranghaeyo talking to someone you need to show a great respect to? saranghabnida I'm sure there are formalities in Japanese but I'm married to a half-japanese guy and he says they rarely matter. Korean revolves around the utmost conjugation and formality.
  2. So, I'd like some opinions because I've honestly been thinking of doing this for a long time. I've been learning Korean on and off for a few years. I am not amazing at it but I've had great resources to learn. I've learned a lot and I was thinking of creating a website to help others learn Korean but in my own organized way but since I'm not fluent I also thought it would help Korean stick in my head better. Like teaching to learn. If that makes sense. If I'm creating organized posts and lessons then I'd have to do more research on the subject and I'd be able to memorize it better but I'm sure that people who are fluent in Korean or native speaking would think it's a bad idea because there could be error or it won't be as promising because it wasn't created by a fluent Korean speaker. What do you guys think? In a way, someone could learn the language from someone who has an english-speaking mind so maybe the lessons would be more understandable from that point of view..if that makes sense. What is our input?
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